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The aquarium is an inventable item used to keep and breed fish, feed them bait to raise their stats, or pit them against each other to make them stronger. It is needed to submit weigh-ins for the Fishing Contest or contestants for the Finny Frenzy races. It can also be used to store live fish nearly indefinitely, though they will eventually (after dozens of hours) die of old age. Aging only occurs while fish are in the Aquarium.

Although the aquarium is required to be invented in Chapter 4, it can be done as early as Chapter 1. Starting in Chapter 2 is recommended to raise and breed any caught fish, to prepare a strong contender for the Finny Frenzy races. To invent an aquarium you only need an idea of a fountain, window and wooden box, and making it only requires five Rolling Logs, four Glass Materials, and fifteen Water Elements. Altogether they add up to slightly over 1,000 worth of Gilda, but they are very commonly acquired items through treasure chests.

Fish Attributes[]

Stat Affects Increased by
Boost Speed (initial) Carrot
Endurance Speed
Petite Fish
Stamina Speed (duration) Evy
Potato Cake
Strength Offense (power) Battle
Tenacity Offense (frequency) Battan

Fish have their own stats, which can be viewed in the aquarium. Generally, higher values are better. These stats can go no higher than a combined total of 400 points. For example, the player might raise 5 attributes to 80 points each or 3 attributes to 100 and 2 attributes to 50. Because no attribute can be 0, it is not possible to have 4 attributes of 100. Also, there is a known bug that may cause the game to freeze if any one stat is raised past 100.

Several types of bait can be used to improve a fish's attributes. Fish can be fed every 2 minutes (real time). Take care that carrots also switch the gender and potato cakes decrease its weight. Weight, however, does not seem to matter at all while racing. Strength cannot be increased however by feeding, instead it will increase over time by having your fish fight in the battle tank. Simply have your prize fish fight a weak one and make sure that it won't die, easily done by having only two fish in the battle tank. Fish by some strange mechanic can only die in the battle tank if the player is looking in it. After a while it'll get strong enough on its own that it needs no more babysitting, at this point you can put either multiple fish in the tank, a much more risky feat, or go do something else. The fish keep fighting even if you exit your inventory.

An alternative method is allowing two random fish with the reckless mood into the battle tank. The two random fish will pump their strength levels to massive amounts and will not tend to die as their tired phases allow the other fish to recover.  When their Strength improves to a very high value, a prize fish may breed with one of the two reckless fish to dramatically raise its own Strength in the life of its offspring.

Mood Effect
Moody Behaves differently depending on its mood.
Sore loser Doesn't care if it wins...
Reckless Blows all its energy out until it gets tired.
Clownish Messes Around.

Fish also have moods, moods are entirely random but do not seem to have a particular large effect on your fish except during Finny Frenzy. They also affect the fish's personality in the Battle Tank.


An adult male and female fish can be placed in the breeding tank of an aquarium to create a new fish with combined stats of both its parents. Both parents are lost in the process, and if they are not the same species, the child will be a different species from either of them. The species of the child isn't random (see the chart below). The new fish will have the mood of one of its parents, the most powerful one if there's a large gap in stat totals, but a random parent if the fish have close stat totals. The new fish will also have the same color as the parent with the highest stat total, meaning it is possible to get a fish with a color not normally seen otherwise. Note that breeding with a Mardan Garayan always results in purple offspring, and the descendants will also always be purple, even if mated with a fish with higher stats. Also, note that fatigued fish, such as those which have just run a Finny Frenzy, have much lower effective stat totals, to the point where a fish with max stats can be overwritten by a fish with fewer than 50 stat points total.

The child's attributes are more or less a slightly better combined version of its parents, assuming their stats were similar. Breeding a very good fish with a fresh one just caught will increase the higher stats by 1/7th of the weaker stats, rounded down. This means that a minimum of 7 for any given stat on the weaker fish is needed for a real improvement in the corresponding stat on the stronger fish. If one of the fish has 400 total stats and it is bred with another fish, be it fresh or well trained, the resulting stats are slightly randomized to again be 400 in its total stats.

Because it always increases all stats, breeding is the easiest way to get a fish to its caps of 400, rather than just feeding it. Feeding it is required, as offspring must be fed at least 5 times before they become an adult and can breed, and this is your chance to unbalance its stats, as breeding leads to relatively even stat increases. To win the Master class Finny Frenzy, a Boost and Stamina of around 100 are required, so at least two stats need to be much lower than the others.

Time runs in the aquarium even while in the menu. You can feed a fish, do something else for a couple of minutes, and then feed the fish again without any game time passing as long as you don't leave the menu. Breeding will also reset a fish's Finny Frenzy data, so it can be used in the middle of a Finny Frenzy to race again with a fish of better stats.

Once a fish has been fed in an aquarium, it cannot be submitted for weigh-in at the Fishing Contest.

Gender, length, and weight have no effect on a fish's performance during Finny Frenzy races. Mood has a huge effect, however. A Moody fish will not perform consistently, picking one of the other three moods at random each time it must perform, making it a poor choice for a racing fish. A Sore Loser will not care about winning the race, instead focusing on hitting fish which attack it, but at least this fish will stay with the pack for most of the race. A Reckless fish will go at full Boost until they run out of Stamina, then move sluggishly for the remainder of the race. If the fish has enough Stamina and Endurance to Boost for the entire race, then this is the best mood to win the race. Clownish fish are the main reason why Moody is such a bad choice for a racing fish. Clownish fish start the race when they feel like it, which can guarantee a loss if they wait long.


Note that Baron Garayan and Mardan Garayan have been shortened to Baron and Mardan, and that it is impossible to get a Mardan Garayan by breeding two other fish. Breeding with the Mardan Garayan is also the only way to breed a Baron Garayan or a Umadakara, as it must mate with one to create an off-spring of the other species.

Baku Baku
Bobo Baron
Gobbler Tarton Bobo
Priscleen Heela Nonky Bon
Tarton Piccoly Hama Hama Kaji Den
Kaji Piccoly Baku Baku Priscleen Nonky Gobbler
Niler Hama Hama Den Tarton Baku Baku Nonky Gummy
Kaji Gobbler Gummy Negie Negie Kaji Piccoly Hama Hama
Gummy Baku Baku Gobbler Baku Baku Piccoly Negie Negie Bobo Heela
Priscleen Negie Umadakara Bobo Nonky Negie Heela Bon Gobbler Kaji
Piccoly Umadakara Bobo Tarton Negie Niler Bon Den Piccoly Hama Hama Mardan
Niler Den Heela Niler Kaji Priscleen Gobbler Baku Baku Hama Hama Gummy Heela Negie
Nonky Bon Tarton Gobbler Gummy Baku Baku Nonky Priscleen Den Priscleen Bobo Baku Baku Niler
Gobbler Niler Niler Bobo Tarton Bobo Tarton Priscleen Den Baku Baku Gummy Gummy Kaji Nonky
Negie Gummy Baku Baku Tarton Heela Niler Heela Kaji Bon Hama Hama Piccoly Bobo Mardan Priscleen Piccoly
Heela Priscleen Nonky Hama Hama Negie Baku Baku Heela Bon Nonky Hama Hama Priscleen Gummy Piccoly Bobo Gobbler Priscleen
Bobo Nonky Baku Baku Priscleen Gobbler Bon Den Nonky Gummy Niler Priscleen Hama Hama Gobbler Bon Den Niler Tarton
Den Kaji Bobo Nonky Baku Baku Hama Hama Negie Tarton Kaji Den Baron Piccoly Piccoly Bon Niler Tarton Bobo Umadakra