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Atlamillia from Dark Cloud 2 renders

Atlamillia is a special type of jewel in the Dark Cloud series. The Sun Atlamillia, the Moon Atlamillia, and the Earth Atlamillia are living stones that contain great power, and are able to choose their holder. Each Atlamillia has a special ability. These abilities include the ability to hold and place Georama essences, and the ability to travel 100 years in the past or future.

Atlamillia is known to choose those who have a pure heart and pure intentions. The Sun Atlamillia radiates the color yellow and belongs to Emperor Griffon. Emperor Griffin, also known as Sirus, was chosen by the Sun Atlamillia because he was not truly evil. His intentions were to cleanse the world of evil after Queen Alexandra's death in an ancient war for the three Atlamillia stones. The Earth Atlamillia burns with the color red and belongs to Maximilian. The Moon Atlamillia glows with the color blue and belongs to Monica Raybrandt.

Dark Cloud[]

In Dark Cloud, Atlamillia are the essence of the land itself. It has the ability to harness the power of Atla, scattered buildings and objects that were blown away by the Dark Genie. Only Toan has an Atlamillia in this game, for he was personally chosen by the Fairy King to wield it. Toan's Atlamillia also has the power to bring back a wandering soul, but doing so will consume its power. Toan does this to bring back Sophia and end the cycle of Seda's grief. It isn't known if the other Atlamillia also possess this power.

Dark Chronicle[]

In Dark Chronicle, there are three Atlamillia: the Earth Atlamillia, the Moon Atlamillia, and the Sun Atlamillia. The Earth Atlamillia has the ability to transport the user 100 years into the future. The Moon Atlamillia has the ability to transport the user 100 years into the past. The Sun Atlamillia's abilities are not revealed in the game.

Whoever obtains the three Atlamillia gains the power of the stars, but doing so would cause the Blue Moon to fall, bringing total destruction to all forms of life on the planet. The ancients believed humans would start a war of greed to obtain the three Atlamillia for their tremendous power. Hence the Star of Oblivion would be used as punishment against the humans for their sins.

In the past, most notably in Sirus's time, several wars have been fought among humans for control and possession of the Atlamillia, despite the fact that these stones choose their masters. Although not stated as the direct cause, Sirus blames the "shiny stones" for the destruction of Alexandra's kingdom. Perhaps, once control over the stones had been established, the new owners were able to exercise their powers. It is likely that Alexandra's yellow Atlamillia, the cause of the war and given its inherent nature, fell into enemy hands and created the desolate scenes seen when Sirus leaves the castle after the fighting is over.