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Balance Valley is a location found in Dark Chronicle. Its accompanying dungeon location is called Starlight Canyon, and these areas are where the majority of Chapter 3: The Sage of the Stars take place. Balance Valley is a unique place as it has four plateaus that change in height depending on the weight of the buildings that are placed on them. In order to complete the Georama requirements for this area, the player must complete all objectives while equalizing the weights of the plateaus. The story objective in this area is to restore Balance Valley's Georama in order to help Lin, Crest's apprentice. There is a lighthouse in Starlight Canyon that is topped with a magical crystal, known as the Moon Crystal.


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Georama requirements[]

While in Georama mode, you will see each plateau height displayed in the lower right hand corner: if the four icons are blue, they are at the same height. However, if they are red the four plateaus are not at the same height and you must add/remove things in order to stabilize the four plateaus at the same height. It is suggested you use trees to balance out the plateaus.

When the Georama for Balance Valley is completed, you will be rewarded with the Serpent Slicer.

Georama achievement Sub conditions %
Lower Prayer Site restored All 4 Plateaus at same height
20 Culture Points obtained
Suspension Bridge restored Lower Prayer Site restored
At least 15 Trees planted
Starlight Temple restored Prayer Site and Suspension Bridge restored
At least 2 people reside here
Crystal Prayer Site restored
Sacred Torch restored Starlight Temple restored
At least 4 Pot Torches are burning
Crystal Prayer Site restored Lower Prayer Site restored
Priest Bruno resides in here
Sacred Gate restored Starlight Temple restored
Stewart resides here
40 Culture Points obtained
Lao Chao's Bistro restored Starlight Temple restored
Ferdinand at the Chinese Stand
30 Culture Points obtained
Tool Shop restored Starlight Temple restored
Lin helped
Star Lamp on Brick House
Parn resides here
Weapon Shop restored Starlight Temple restored
SheriffBlinkhorn resides here
30 Culture Points obtained
Moon Crystal and Crest revived Starlight Temple restored
Lighthouse Moon Crystal restored