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The Bandit Slingshot is a slingshot weapon used by Xiao in Dark Cloud. It is equipped with the Steal Ability, which gives it a chance to steal items from enemies. It builds up into the Hardshooter or the Double Impact. It is found in locked treasure boxes and joker boxes, and is a solid beginner weapon for Xiao, being useful up to Shipwreck. It also serves useful for passing on the Steal ability as a SynthSphere.


Attr. Min. Build-up Attr. Min. Build-up
Bandit Slingshot Hardshooter Double Impact Bandit Slingshot Hardshooter Double Impact
Attack (max 30 (50) 35 40 Anti-Dragon 0 5
Endurance 38 50 50 Anti-Undead 5
Speed 48 70 60 Anti-Marine 0 8
Magical Power (max 0 (10) Anti-Rock 0 20
Fire 0 Anti-Plant 0
Ice 0 Anti-Beast 0 5
Thunder 0 Anti-Sky 12
Wind 12 Anti-Metal 0 20
Holy 0 Anti-Mimic 0
Anti-Mage 5 12

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