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The Bat is a type of monster in Dark Chronicle. In Dark Cloud, it is known as the Cave Bat, and is first encountered in Divine Beast Cave. In Dark Chronicle, the Bat is first encountered in the Underground Channel. This monster is the first airborne enemy encountered in the Dark Cloud series.

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Dark Cloud[]


The Cave Bat is particularly annoying due to its airborne nature and ability to poison the player. It can be difficult to hit in melee due to its propensity to fly out of range. As a result, many new players can die from either its direct attacks or gradual poison damage. You can cause massive damage or kill it using Toan's jump slash, or simply take it out using Xiao's slingshots when you get her.

Enemy Data[]

Dark Cloud Cave Bat Evil Bat
Habitat Divine Beast Cave,

Demon Shaft Thunder Zone

Gallery of Time,

Demon Shaft Holy Zone

Type Sky Sky
Hit Points 12 150
ABS 3 4
Defend No No
Weakness Wind Wind
Steal Antidote Drink Antidote Drink

Dark Chronicle[]


The Bat only has one attack, and this is to swoop at the player, and bite. This attack is safely blocked, since it's slow to come out. After it has finished its attack, just kill it with your gun, as the classic gun has a high cyclone stat, and gains extra power against this monster. The Bat's different variations have additional elemental weaknesses, including the Sea Bat's weakness to Lightning, the Lava Bat's weakness to Chill, and the Evil Bat's weakness to Exorcism. You should take caution when facing bats as they have the ability to poison you if their attack is successful, and antidote drinks are quite expensive at the start of the game.

If you need to use melee attacks, either time charge attacks to knock down the bat as it attacks, or make the 'charging' attack by moving towards the direction of attack and pressing the attack button once. But most of the time, you should just use your distance weapons.

Enemy Data[]

Dark Cloud 2 Bat Sea Bat Lava Bat Evil Bat
Habitat Underground Channel Ocean's Roar Cave Mount Gundor Zelmite Mine
Type Beast Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 22 250 400 1000
Attack/Defense 6/0 37/25 48/35 122/70
ABS/Gilda 6/6 30/15 55/32 180/88
Weakness Cyclone (300%) Lightning (250%), Cyclone (200%) Chill (250%), Cyclone (200%) Cyclone (200%), Exorcism (200%)
Effective Weapons Gun (150%), Beam (150%), Magic (120%) Gun (150%), Beam (150%), Magic (120%) Gun (150%), Beam (150%), Magic (120%) Gun (150%), Beam (150%), Magic (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (50%), Grenade (50%) Wrench (50%), Grenade (50%) Wrench (50%), Grenade (50%) Wrench (50%), Grenade (50%)
Item Inventory Holy Water, Wind Crystal, Bundle of Hay Holy Water, Wind Crystal, Bundle of Hay Holy Water, Wind Crystal, Bundle of Hay Holy Water, Wind Crystal, Bundle of Hay