Bell Trigger
Charming gun made from a bell. Kind of cute, really.
— In-game description

The Bell Trigger is a gun that Maximilian can get in Dark Cloud 2. It is the Trumpet Gun's evolution, which means that it's more powerful and has more WHP. It looks like a revolver which uses a bell as the cannon. However, it's still a normal-type gun, which fires rounds that take some time to travel through the air. One must be given to Gerald in order to recruit him as a Support character.

Weapon data Edit

Inventing Edit

This weapons may be purchased from Jurak's weapon shop for 400 Gilda after a certain Georama requirement in Sindain is met beginning of Chapter 3,

Invention Ideas Materials Total cost Available Type
Bell Trigger Fountain
Wind Element x2
Silver Ball x2
Scrap of Metal x10
620 gilda Chapter 1 Weapon (Gun)

Build up Edit

This weapon may be built up from the Trumpet Gun or from the Dryer Gun. As a low-tier weapon (Tier 3), it will gain 3 Synthesis Points (SP) after every level-up.

Minimum requirements for build up
Weapon Bell Trigger (Start) to Magic Gun or Star Breaker
Attack 22 31 31
Cyclone 19 23 27
Smash 0 23 41
Beast 0 23 -
Scale 0 23 -
Flame 0 - 36

Statistics Edit

Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 22 44 Durable ? 45
Flame 0 45 Chill 0 45
Lightning 0 45 Cyclone 19 45
Smash 0 45 Exorcism 14 45
Beast 0 45 Scale 0 45