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Borneo is a of the support character that can be added to the party in Dark Chronicle. He is a friend of Cedric, Max and Erik and is adept at fixing things with his enormous hammer and craftsmanship skills. His muscle also helps get rid of otherwise impassable conditions which get in the way of the adventure over the course of the story. Borneo is very friendly. He loves doing his job and helping people. Borneo is a tan skinned male character who wears a Bandanna and has a full beard and mustache. He is very macho and wields a giant hammer with one hand. Borneo also has stitches on various parts of his body, and has a heart shaped tattoo with an arrow on his right arm.

He sells a few types of ores as part of Borneo's Fine Ore, including Gold Bars. He will be found in the front most passenger car of Blackstone One, just before the engine room starting in Chapter 5, at this point he may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas. When in a party he increases the drop rate of the common items, depicted as tiny red and yellow spheres when dropped by a slain enemy.

Borneo needs to move to Heim Rada for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

The character designer, Jun Sonobe, considers him a "very dad-like character". Borneo was drawn in the very early stages of development, and he thinks a lot of the design would be worth fixing, but relents that he had given the most of himself back then.[1]



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