Brownboo Village is a location in Dark Cloud. It is located at the end of Wise Owl Forest. When Master Utan is defeated, he snaps out of the Dark Genie's control and reveals the entrance to Brownboo Village. The Moon People, a race of rabbits who trapped the Dark Genie for the first time, live there. However, the knowledge on how to do so has been lost over time.

The Moon Orb Edit

When Toan asks them to seal the Dark Genie, they explain that they have lost the power and that he would have to travel to the yellow moon where they might still know how. But the only way to get there is by using the Moon Orb which a moon person mistook for a fruit and exchanged it in Queens, which was also destroyed by the Dark Genie.

After Toan receives the orb, he is sent to Muska Lacka to activate the Moon Ship with one of the moon people, Theo.

Important Citizens Edit

  • Mayor Nem, the head of Brownboo Village.
  • Theo, the Moon Person who guides you through Muska Lacka.
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