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Priest Bruno is support character who can be found in Dark Chronicle. He is Palm Brinks' priest and can be found in the local church/ Max must solve the puzzle of the church's candles in order to recruit him to the party, and doing so is required in order to complete Georama requirements and progress the story in Balance Valley. The puzzle is solved as follows: From the direction of facing Bruno, starting at the candle closest to him, put out the first candle on the left, third on the right, fifth on the left, and the final on the right.

He sells recovery items as part of the House of Healing shop, and is replaced by the Church Caretaker if he is recruited. As part of your party he will be able to restore one character to full health if his or her hit points have run out.

Bruno needs to move to Balance Valley for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

The character designer, Jun Sonobe, originally wanted him to look like a stereotypical priest, but when he searched for references on the internet he saw one who was pretty dandy-like, and decided to use him instead.[1]



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