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Cedric (Starble in the Japanese version) is a major support character from Dark Chronicle. He runs a maintenance shop in the town of Palm Brinks with the help of Maximillian. Cedric enjoys building things, like Max. He is voiced by Paul Eiding in the English version of the game.


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Support characterEdit

He is automatically recruited, and is one of the more useful and varied support characters. He runs Cedric's Parts, a shop where you can exchange Ridepod EXP for new parts, Cores, and Shield Kits. When in your party he automatically grants one extra SP and random elemental attribute on level-up for Maximilian's melee weapons. He also possess skills which let him repair your weapons, including those of the Ridepod, for free. He can also refuel the Ridepod, at the cost of all his skill points until he has recharged them.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the early development phase of the game, he was supposed to build a time-machine to meet his deceased daughter and wife; Corinne and Mina. The character designer, Jun Sonobe, was told to make his relationship with Max akin to that of Doc and Mart from Back to the Future.[1]



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