Classic Gun
Light and easy to use.
— In-game description

The Classic Gun is Maximilian's starting ranged weapon in Dark Cloud 2. Max receives it from Donny before he enters the Underground Channel in his quest to leave Palm Brinks and see the outside world. It can be bought at the Weapon shop in Palm Brinks for 150 Gildas, or found in treasure chests throughout the dungeon system.

This gun is a normal-type pistol : each time the X button is pressed while aiming with it (by holding L1), Max will fire the Classic Gun at what he's pointing at. The "bullet" will not instantly hit the enemy, especially in the Underground Channel, where the Froggys tend to jump to approach you. Max's guns are useful for taking down airborne enemies, such as the Bats encountered in the first chapter.

Build upEdit

Minimum requirements for build up
Weapon Classic Gun (Start) to Trumpet Gun
Attack 7 14
Cyclone 0 11


Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 7 24 Durable 10 19
Flame 0 19 Chill 0 19
Lightning 0 19 Cyclone 0 25
Smash 0 19 Exorcism 0 25
Beast 0 19 Scale 0 19