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Claude is a character in Dark Cloud. He is a resident of Norune Village, and enjoys eating and sleeping. Claude is a kind, but lazy guy who likes to eat and is always willing to share his food. He will give Toan some Candy if his georama event is triggered in the morning, and Cheese if his event is triggered at night. He likes to sleep during the day. Claude is overweight and wears a yellow and orange striped shirt.


Claude states that he would like to live someplace where he can smell good food. Alnet is a good cook, so her house is the perfect place for Claude to live near.

  • Claudes's House - Foodie Claude's house.
    • Fence - Place around houses.
    • Lamp - Essential light to pass the night.
    • Cabin - Storage space.
    • Bench - A place for sitting and relaxing.
    • Candy Box - A box filled with sweets.
    • Claude - Likable guy. Loves eating & sleeping.