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In Dark Chronicle it is possible to change clothing, specific wearable items for Maximilian and Monica Raybrandt. They are for aesthetic purposes only, and do not affect character stats, although their inventory descriptions will allude otherwise. Aside from the optional starting items, between Max and Monica there are 34 pieces of clothing to purchase and invent. Equipped pieces of clothing are not seen in the inventory, and can only be moved back there if a different piece is equipped. Each character has different clothing, but they all conform to either the head, body or feet.

Only the shoes and boots items can be invented, with the rest being purchasable from various shops. Donny will hand you the Explorer's clothing set if you have the required amount of photography points. Mayor Need will also sell several pieces of clothing for medals, although the shoe items are thus available elsewhere.

When you start a new game, you are given the option to choose the starting outfit for Max. If you have a save file where you have beaten the game at least once, you can also choose an outfit for Monica. Aside from the default costume options for Max, you can select any item that you have already acquired in a previously finished game. Otherwise, he has access to all items except the Explorer and Clown sets.

There is a bug in the PAL version where equipping specific clothing items and entering the 'Make' menu and attempting to exit the pause menu will freeze the game.[1]



Icon Item Inventory description Inventable
Hunting Cap icon Hunting Cap Maximilian's favorite hat.
Fashionable Cap icon Fashionable Cap Cap with a cool design. Sure to be a hit!
Maintenance Cap icon Maintenance Cap Cap custom-made for Cedric's maintenance shop.
Two-Tone Beret icon Two-Tone Beret With a two-color design. For the fashion-minded.
Explorer's Helmet icon Explorer's Helmet Makes you feel like you're on an expedition.
Clown Hat icon Clown Hat Clown's hat. Halves the effect of magic attacks.
Denim Overalls icon Denim Overalls For that casual look.
Green Overalls icon Green Overalls Maximilian's favorite work clothes.
Red Vest icon Red Vest What max wears around the mansion. Rather posh.
Explorer's Outfit icon Explorer's Outfit Makes you want to go off and explore unknown regions.
Clown Suit icon Clown Suit See what it's like to be a clown.
Leather Shoes icon Leather Shoes Maximilian's favorite shoes. Yes
Work Shoes icon Work Shoes Shoes for working in. Who cares if they get dirty? Yes
Wing Shoes icon Wing Shoes Nice, airy shoes. make you feel lighter? Yes
Dragon Shoes icon Dragon Shoes Made from dragon scales. Let's you walk on hot floors. Yes
Explorer's Boots icon Explorer's Boots Exclusive footwear for the fearless adventurer. Yes
Clown Shoes icon Clown Shoes Clown's shoes. Might make you a snappy dancer. Yes

Shop availability[]

Either the Hunting, Fashionable, or Maintenance Cap has to be selected from the start of the game. The same goes for the Denim Overalls, Green Overalls, and the Rest Vest, as well as the Leather, Work, and Wing Shoes.

Item Buy Sell Medals Chapter Shop
Hunting Cap 200 100 4—8 Donny Mart
Fashionable Cap 220 110 5—8 Donny Mart
Maintenance Cap 200 100 6—8 Donny Mart
Two-Tone Beret 240 100 7—8 Donny Mart
Explorer's Helmet 150 ?—8 Donny Mart[a]
Clown Hat 40 40 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Denim Overalls 500 250 2—8 Woody Tailor, Donny Mart
Green Overalls 500 250 2—8 Woody Tailor, Milane's Weapon Shop
Red Vest 500 250 2—8 Woody Tailor, Milane's Weapon Shop
Explorer's Outfit 250 ?—8 Donny Mart[b]
Clown Suit 60 55 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Leather Shoes 200 100 2—8 Stewart Shoes
Work Shoes 210 100 2—8 Stewart Shoes
Wing Shoes 225 100 2—8 Stewart Shoes
Dragon Shoes 250 100 2—8 Stewart Shoes
Explorer's Boots 100 ?—8 Donny Mart[c]
Clown Shoes 40 40 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange



Icon Item Inventory description Inventable
Yellow Ribbon icon Yellow Ribbon Yellow Ribbon. Yellow is the color of happiness?
Striped Ribbon icon Striped Ribbon Fashionable ribbon with stripes.
Swallowtail icon Swallowtail Swallowtail butterfly hair ornament.
Zipangu Comb icon Zipangu Comb Beautifully painted comb from legendary Zipangu.
Princess Orb icon Princess Orb Hair ornament that shines like a gem if you polish it.
Kitty Bell icon Kitty Bell Hair ornament with cute cat ears and a big bell.
Pumpkin Shorts icon Pumpkin Shorts Playful shorts in the shape of a pumpkin.
Striped Dress icon Striped Dress Wear it with the striped ribbon. Height of fashion.
Star Leotard icon Star Leotard Leotard like a starry sky.
Panther Ensemble icon Panther Ensemble An ensemble for the elegant, sexy lady.
Princess Dress icon Princess Dress Wear it with the Princess Boots: The perfect princess!
Knight Boots icon Knight Boots[d] Light boots made especially for female knights. Yes
Metal Boots icon Metal Boots Boots made of metal. Great against heat, but heavy. Yes
Wing Boots icon Wing Boots Let you walk over even muddy floors with ease. Yes
Spike Boots icon Spike Boots Let you walk normally over slippery floors. Yes
Princess Boots icon Princess Boots Wear them with the princess dress. The perfect princess! Yes
Panther Boots icon Panther Boots Boots for the elegant, sexy lady. Yes

Shop availability[]

Monica starts with the Yellow Ribbon, Pumpkin Shorts, and Knight Boots by default.

Item Buy Sell Medals Chapter Shop
Yellow Ribbon 200 2—8 Corinne's Hairpins
Striped Ribbon 220 100 2—8 Corinne's Hairpins
Swallowtail 240 100 2—8 Corinne's Hairpins
Zipangu Comb 350 100 2—8 Corinne's Hairpins
Princess Orb 40 40 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Kitty Bell 45 45 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Pumpkin Shorts 200 100 2—8 Woody Tailor, Mena's Apparel, Milane's Weapon Shop
Striped Dress 250 100 3—8 Mena's Apparel
Star Leotard 600 100 3—8 Starlight Items, Mena's Apparel
Panther Ensemble 70 65 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Princess Dress 60 60 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Knight Boots 200 100 3—8 Mena's Apparel
Metal Boots 240 100 4—8 Mena's Apparel
Wing Boots 260 100 5—8 Mena's Apparel
Spike Boots 260 100 7—8 Mena's Apparel
Princess Boots 40 40 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange
Panther Boots 50 50 2—8 Need's Medal Exchange


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  1. This item can only be acquired from Donny upon collecting 200 Photography points.
  2. This item can only be acquired from Donny upon collecting 500 Photography points.
  3. This item can only be acquired from Donny upon collecting 400 Photography points.
  4. These are one of the most commonly invented items, being an easily available source for synthesizing the Attack attribute in lieu of a lack of Power Crystals.