The Clown is an enemy that is encountered in Dark Cloud 2. They are humans hired by Flotsam to chase and hunt down Max in order to get the Red Atlamillia he holds, to hand over to Emperor Griffon. In several cinematic scenes, they are seen being ordered by Flotsam to chase Max when he is spotted eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Mayor Need.

They seem to be very tenacious, as they chase Max over rooftops, standing on the edge of high platforms and such. They appear in the Underground Channel searching for Max, though it is not well known how they survive in the dungeon or how long they search for the player. Even after exiting the sewers, they are still seen chasing the player.

Variants Edit

The Clown is one of the few monsters to not have any direct palette swaps in Dark Cloud 2. However, the Griffon Soldier and its variants have immigrated one of the Clown's attacks, and have a behavior similar to this monster.

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Battle TacticsEdit

The Clown can sometimes be an issue to defeat, as it can appear out of nowhere, and is capable of doing quick movements such as side steps or backing away. The player should stay focused when facing them for the first time, as they can be a hazard if HP is low, due to their speed. It should be noted that they will chase the player for quite a distance once they have been spotted,

Attacks Edit

The Clown has 2 attacks, melee and ranged:

  • Ranged attack: The first is knife which is will be thrown, it may be blocked with L1 safely, and the player can usually avoid it by moving back at the right time.
  • Melee attack: Used when the player is adjacent to the Clown. It is a simple two slash combo with dual wielded knives. This attack can be blocked safely.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud 2 Clown
Habitat Underground Channel
Type Darkling
Hit Points 30
Attack/Defense 7/0
ABS/Gilda 6/6
Weakness Flame (150%)
Chill (150%)
Effective Weapons None
Ineffective Weapons Grenade (70%)
Item Inventory Bread
Protector Crystal
Sugar Cane