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Couscous is a large mysterious white creature who loves candy, he is a character from Dark Cloud. He lives in a giant turtle shell in Matataki Village, and likes high places, meaning his house should be place on either Earth A or Earth B. It is never explained just what Couscous is, and he is the only one of his "kind" in the series thus far. Couscous stated that he grew so huge that he can't get out of his house, and hasn't seen the village for a long time. He even asked if Ancient Baron was still mayor.

Couscous is friendly, even generous, as he'll offer Toan some of his Candy. If refused, he'll offer you a pretty stone. If you accept, he'll ask if you want a red or blue one; red being a fire attachment and blue being an ice attachment. However, if you refuse again, he'll give you the Turtle Shell Hammer. He'll also offer to store Toan's excess items. Couscous is a huge, fat, pink creature whose gender is ambiguous. He has a small tree growing from his head. Because of his size, he is unable to leave the house.

Couscous' House Georama[]

  • Torch: Red flame to illuminate the dark night
  • Sign: Displays names of residents and shops
  • Couscous: Mysterious creature who loves candy
  • Grass: Everlasting magical grass


  • Couscous, if talked to, may say that he knows and is friends with Mardan Garayan (fish) and has met him by the Matataki waterfalls when he was little.
  • Couscous, if talked to, may ask if Toan can guess how he has food even though he can't leave his house. He then jokes and says that if guessed correctly, he'll give Toan 10,000 Gilda. You can't guess.