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Master Crest was Lin's master in Max 's time. He spent his life pursuing his dream of becoming a Sage, a person who could supposedly protect others just by being there. While working towards this goal and teaching Lin to be a sorceress, he also looked after the lighthouse near Balance Valley and its the crystal that resided there. By the time Max and Monica are able to reach the Lighthouse he is already dead. The two have to restore Balance Valley so that it will become the temple that is situated there in Monica's time.

Crest wears a yellow and white trimmed green suit tied around the waist by a red sash. His hair is nearly waist length and a dark blue that is slightly layered in the front and worn tied back at the bottom.


In his youth, Crest's village came under attack by monsters who appeared to be Smiling Fairies, which are referred to as thieves from the desert. When all hope seemed lost, a Sage appeared and saved the townspeople all by casting out the monsters. Crest was greatly impressed by this figure and made it his goal in life to become such a powerful and benevolent person. From that point on he pushed himself in his studies becoming a great wizard along the way.

Crest dies before Max ever arrives on the scene. Gaspard had failed in destroying the future's Crystal so had come to the past to attempt to remove it there. Crest defended the lighthouse at first with blasts of magic, but it has little effect on the Death Ark. In a last ditch effort he sacrifices himself by taking a blow for the Crystal, hopefully saving it before falling to his death. Lin is with him as he dies and is traumatized by it. When Max and Monica arrive in the valley they find her in a painful feverish coma. After using the Starglass to go back and try to restore the past, they witness the Battleship's onslaught. Despite their best efforts, history repeats itself and Crest once again sacrifices himself to save the Crystal. However, Lin accepts what he had to do and comes out unharmed by it. Instead, she sees what a heroic thing he did and tells him he was a Great Sage after all and that he'd protected her just by being there. She then makes it her goal to fulfill his dream and become a Sage herself.