Crystal Brassard

The Crystal Brassard

The Crystal Brassard is an armband that Monica Raybrandt can equip in Dark Chronicle. It's the Gold Brassard's evolution, and it still a valuable armband. It has no special abilities.

Its in-game description reads "Valuable armband made of rare crystal."

The player can buy it from Julia when she joins your party with Parn. It can also be found in dungeons' random chests.

This armband is a medium-tier weapon (Tier 4) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) after every level-up.

Build up The Crystal Brassard can be built up into the Platinum Brassard if you reach 50 in Attack and 54 in Flame.

It can also be built up into the Pocklekul with the following stats: 50 in Attack, 54 in Chill and Cyclone, and 32 in Exorcism.


Starting stats (When bought or found)Edit

Weapon Hit Points 55 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 35 Durable 30
Flame 31 Chill 0
Lightning 0 Cyclone 0
Smash 0 Exorcism 0
Beast 0 Scale 0

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 60 Durable 60
Flame 60 Chill 60
Lightning 60 Cyclone 60
Smash 60 Exorcism 60
Beast 60 Scale 60