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Crystals are a type of item in Dark Chronicle. They are used for synthesis to increase a weapon's stats, as well as to invent items. The elemental Crystals are visually identical to the Attachments used in Dark Cloud. Although most other items can also be spectrumized, crystals are the only (commonly) available item that will raise a stat by three, excluding weapon Synth Spheres and gemstones. The Power and Protector Crystals can also be substituted for other items, notably the Knight Boots for the former, as Power Crystals are relatively rare.

Regardless, other Crystals are fairly common, typically found in treasure chests, dropped by or stolen from an enemy. They are sometimes also available as a reward for completing Spheda or winning a Fishing Contest or Finny Frenzy. Rufio sells the four elemental types once he is recruited through Rufio's Elements, with the entire set being available in Chapter 3 at Starlight Items. In Chapter 8, when the future becomes inaccessible, Rufio will sell the entire range of Crystals available. Crystals have a carry limit of 999, due to how common they are.


Icon Item Inventory description Buy Sell Spectrumize
Power Crystal icon Power Crystal Crystal with the power of attack. 200 100 +2 Attack
Protector Crystal icon Protector Crystal Crystal with the power of defense. Upgrades durable. 150 75 +2 Durable
Flame Crystal icon Flame Crystal Crystal with the power of flame. 150 75 +3 Flame
Chill Crystal icon Chill Crystal Crystal with the power of ice. 150 75 +3 Chill
Lightning Crystal icon Lightning Crystal Crystal with the power of lightning. 150 75 +3 Lightning
Wind Crystal icon Wind Crystal Crystal with the power of wind. 150 75 +3 Cyclone
Destruction Crystal icon Destruction Crystal Crystal containing a devastating power. 150 75 +3 Smash
Holy Crystal icon Holy Crystal Crystal blessed with holy power. 150 75 +3 Exorcism
Hunter Crystal icon Hunter Crystal Crystal with the power of a legendary hunter. 150 75 +3 Beast
Sea Dragon Crystal icon Sea Dragon Crystal Crystal with the power of the ancient sea dragons. 150 75 +3 Scale