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The Dagger is Toan's starting weapon in Dark Cloud. If it breaks, it does not disappear, but instead remains usable as a broken dagger. It can still be used, but deals only 1 damage each hit, and its current ABS points are lost. If turned into a Synth Sphere with Status Break, it will retain only its base stats, not its upgraded stats. It cannot be built up into any weapon and nor can it be sold, making it eventually only useful as a Synth Sphere.


Attr. Min. Attr. Min.
Dagger Dagger
Attack (max 6 (25) Anti-Dragon 0
Endurance 30 Anti-Undead 0
Speed 70 Anti-Marine 0
Magical Power (max 2 (24) Anti-Rock 0
Fire 0 Anti-Plant 0
Ice 0 Anti-Beast 4
Thunder 0 Anti-Sky 0
Wind 4 Anti-Metal 0
Holy 0 Anti-Mimic 0
Anti-Mage 0

Broken Dagger bug[]

The Broken Dagger is a bugged Attachment in Dark Cloud. It is obtainable by utilizing a glitch while in the shop menu interface. For this to work at Gaffer's Buggy, in Norune Village, you must place Paige's House, with Pike and the Wheel, before triggering the Gaffer's Buggy Georama event. The broken dagger's icon may change from a broken dagger to a random sword in the game.


Raises all weapon attribute stats to their max which is 99 with the exception of Attack and Magic. The max for At and Mp differ for each weapon.

For all Broken Daggers, they have special weapon abilities, too, but for some, they change. Most of the time you will get a broken dagger that has Poor, poison, stop, durable, and Abs up. However, in some other cases, you may get Big bucks, quench, poison, stop, heal, and Abs up. They are not permanent, and will change if you upgrade your weapon with the Broken Dagger.

Acquisition (NTSC/US version)[]

  1. Equip Toan's Dagger (If you already have it equipped, you must "Equip" it again).
  2. Enter the shop.
  3. Move your inventory screen to the very bottom of the Attachments tab, so that there are several empty rows at the bottom.
  4. Go to the shop's inventory.
  5. Move your cursor over an attachment (this only works with attachments; items or weapons will crash the game) in the right column (do not buy this item at this time).
  6. Press Right and X at the same time. It is normal to not get it on the first try, so do this step over and over until you can press them at exactly the same time.
  7. Once you get an Attachment that looks like a Broken Dagger, exit the shop. Note that, for some reason, you may get a Moon Signet or an invisible item instead. You should reset in either case, as they will clutter up your inventory.
  8. Place on your weapon.
  9. Repeat as many times as needed.

Note: if you did not complete Pike’s home before Odd Gaffer’s shop, you can still acquire the broken dagger. Just follow all of the above steps, but place your cursor on the empty space next to the gold bullion, the empty slot in the fifth column of the second row.

Acquisition (PAL/European version)[]

  1. As above, make sure you have the Odd Gaffer's Buggy.
  2. Open your menu, then close it and enter the shop.
  3. Move your cursor to the ninth line of your weapons page. This is where Ungaga's first line of weapons would be.
  4. Now move your cursor to the far right of the line below the Gold Bullion on the Shop Items page.
  5. Press Right and X at the same time and you should have the Broken Dagger Attachment.