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Shops in Dark Chronicle are places and people from which the player characters, Maximilian and Monica Raybrandt, can purchase various items using Gilda, such as recovery items, crafting materials, bait, weapons, and other goods. Four of the major locations feature a collection of stores, Palm Brinks, Jurak Mall, Starlight Temple, and the Gundorada Workshop. Some of the shop-owners also double as support characters, and will actually only sell goods once they have been recruited, at which point they are all conveniently located inside the Blackstone One (or later, the Ixion).

Those operating actual physical shops will be replaced by an employee, thus still letting you purchase goods from either the store or themselves after recruitment. Some shops also gain more items for sale as the player progresses through the chapters of the game. Notably completing Chapter 7 will mean being locked out of accessing all future locations in Chapter 8, the shops included. Some stores like Morton's Sundries will pick up several of the most high profile items, whereas others, primarily weapons, will not be available for purchase at all anymore.

The Repair Powder and related types for guns and armbands are also the only items to slowly increase in price as the game progresses, becoming more expensive with each chapter.

Palm Brinks[]

Donny Mart[]

Item Price Available
Bread 30 Chapter 1
Antidote Drink 40
Repair Powder 80
Gun Repair Powder 160
Treasure Chest Key 500
Hunting Cap 200 Chapter 4
Denim Overalls 500
Fashionable Cap 220 Chapter 5
Maintenance Cap 200 Chapter 6
Two-Tone Beret 240 Chapter 7

Donny is located in the Underground Channel and at the start of your journey the only person operating a shop, but stops doing so after you enter the Channel Pump Room and return to the surface, at which point Polly's Bakery, Milane's Weapon Shop, and Morton's Sundries take over as your main shops for the remainder of Chapter 1.

Later in Chapter 2 he can be recruited again, with later also gaining three types of headwear and the Denim Overalls in stock in chapters 4 and onwards. He also remains the sole person to sell Treasure Chest Keys, a rare item used for opening locked treasure chests.

Morton's Sundries[]

Item Price Available
Scrap of Metal 10 Chapter 1
Gunpowder 20
Antidote Drink 40
Hunk of Copper, Thick Hide 50
Repair Powder 80—200
Gun Repair Powder 160—300
Bomb 200
Cooking Stove 300
Monster Notes 1,000
Seal-Breaking Scroll 1,500 Chapter 3
Improved Bomb 1,000 Chapter 4
Ridepod Fuel 2,000 Chapter 5
Final Bomb 3,600 Chapter 6
Gold Paint 1,000 Chapter 8
Poison Coin 4,000
Wealth Coin 4,500
Time, Bulls-Eye Coin 6,500
Bandit Coin 7,000
Absorption, Healing Coin 10,000
Experience Coin 12,000
Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz, Turquoise 10,000
Diamond 30,000

Morton is the owner of Morton's Sundries, and also one of the few characters who cannot be recruited. His shop is located next to Polly's Bakery, opposite of Milane's Weapon Shop. He will at first offer mostly common crafting materials, and the Antidote Drink and Bomb items, and more notably the one-time only Cooking Stove and Monster Notes items. Especially worth mentioning is the unique Seal-Breaking Scroll items he will begin to sell at the start of Chapter 3. His stock will also increase with the addition of Improved Bombs and Final Bombs in chapters 4 and 6, and Ridepod Fuel in Chapter 5.

Starting in Chapter 8 he will sell Gold Paint if you have not yet gotten any in Jurak Mall, and also offer the entire range of gemstones and coins for an exorbitantly high price.

Polly's Bakery[]

Polly's Bakery Agent[]

Item Price Available
Flour, Sugar Cane, Super Hot Pepper 20 Chapter 1
Bread 30
Tasty Water 80

Polly's Bakery is a small store located at the main road in Palm Brinks, opposite of Cedric's workshop. It is operated by Polly, up until her recruitment, at which point her employee takes her place, although she will still sell her products herself. Available in Chapter 1 after entering the Channel Pump Room, she is the only source of Tasty Water and Bread, and produces Bread herself for free once recruited. The rest of her products are common food-related materials used for crafting.

Milane's Weapon Shop[]

Weapon Shop Clerk[]

Item Price Available
Repair Powder 80—200 Chapter 1
Gun Repair Powder 160—300
Armband Repair Powder 160—300 Chapter 2
Classic Gun 150 Chapter 1
Battle Wrench 200
Baselard 250
Gladius 300
Turtle Shell Hammer 300 Chapter 2
Drill Wrench 350
Gold Brassard 350
Kubera's Hand 500 Chapter 3
Smash Wrench 600 Chapter 4
Shamshir 600
Thorn Armlet 820

Milane's Weapon Shop, also simply called Weapon Shop, is located in Palm Brinks' main street, next to Cedric's workshop, and opposite of Morton's Sundries. Milane sells repair powders, as well as a small range of low-level weapons for both Max and Monica, including both melee and ranged types. She will gain more weapons up to Chapter 4, with weapon shops from the future offering higher quality weapons.

Once recruited she will still offer her services, but an employee will take her place in her physical store.

Cedric's Parts[]

Item Price Available
Varies Chapter 1
Shield Kits 600[a]
Voice Unit 1,000
Barrel Cannon 400 Chapter 2
Caterpillar 600
Roller Foot 700 Chapter 3
Energy Pack (Barrel) 600 Chapter 4
Samurai Arm 1,100
Wooden Box Body 800 Chapter 5
Refrigerator Body 700 Chapter 6
Hammer Arm 800
Buggy 800 Chapter 7
Super-Alloy Body 1,100

Cedric lives in a workshop in the main street of Palm Brinks, and only offers Ridepod parts. He does not require Gilda, but instead exchanges them for EXP, which correlates directly with ABS picked up with the Ridepod. At first he will only offer Cores, a Voice Unit, and Shield Kits, but will gain more available parts with each progressing chapter. Note that all parts except the aforementioned three can also be invented, which is often more efficient money-wise and available earlier.

After Chapter 1 he can always be found at the train, having joined you automatically as a support character.

House of Healing[]

Church Caretaker[]

Item Price Available
Antidote Drink, Holy Water, Soap 40 Chapter 2
Medusa's Tear 80

Bruno manages the House of Healing store at the Palm Brinks church, up until his recruitment, at which point he is replaced by the Church Caretaker. Both sell restorative items, and are the only place where you can purchase Soap, Holy Water, and Medusa's Tears.

Blackstone One[]

Erik's Gunpowder[]

Item Price Available
Gunpowder 20 Chapter 2

Erik only sells gunpowder, a relatively common crafting material, he always stands outside the train even after recruitment.

Borneo's Fine Ore[]

Item Price Available
Tough Rock 20 Chapter 2
Hunk of Copper 50
Silver Ball 200
Gold Bar 1,000

Borneo, like Erik, can always be found outside the train even after recruitment, but he only sells several mineral materials like copper, silver, and gold.

Gordon's Bonsai[]

Item Price Available
Rolling Log, Sturdy Rock, Forest Dew 20 Chapter 2
Plum Rice Ball 800 Chapter 5

Gordon, once recruited, only sells three common crafting materials themed to his occupation as a gardener. later in Chapter 5 he also begins to sell the Plum Rice Ball item, which cannot be invented or bought elsewhere.

Conda's Goods[]

Item Price Available
Scrap of Metal 10 Chapter 2
Rolling Log, Sturdy Rock, Rough Rock, Bundle of Hay, Sturdy Cloth, Gunpowder, Glass Material, Unknown Bone, Sticky Clay, Flour, Sugar Cane, Super Hot Pepper, Poison, Forest Dew, Scrap of Metal 20
Hunk of Copper 50
Light, Holy, Earth, Water, Chill, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Life Element 60
Silver Ball 200
Gold Bar 1,000

Conda will join you on the train, taking position at the very rear, once he has been reunited with his fellow firbits. He is technically not a support character, but still serves a very useful purpose by offering a large amount of commonly sought after crafting materials.

Ferdinand's Takeout[]

Item Price Available
Premium Chicken 120 Chapter 2

Ferdinand, once recruited, is the sole person to sell Premium Chicken, a relatively cheap recovery item that restores all HP. He will also produce them for free however.

Stewart Shoes[]

Item Price Available
Leather Shoes 200 Chapter 2
Wing Shoes 225
Work Shoes 210
Dragon Shoes 250

Stewart, once recruited, is the only person to sell four out of five of Maximilian's shoes, although all of them can be invented and made for cheaper.

Adel's Fruits[]

Item Price Available
Tasty Water 80 Chapter 2
Heart-Throb Cherry, Stone Berry, Gooey Peach, Poison Apple, Mellow Banana 60

Adel, once recruited, sells a few food items that often serve a double purpose as either restoring an abnormal status, causing one when thrown at an enemy, or as fishing bait.

Need's Medal Exchange[]

Item Price Available
Name-Change Ticket 40 Chapter 2
Clown Hat, Clown Shoes, Princess Orb, Princess Boots 40
Kitty Bell 45
Panther Boots 50
Clown Suit 55
Princess Dress 60
Panther Ensemble 65

Need, once recruited, runs a unique exchange shop where you can trade medals for various pieces of clothing, although some can also be invented or bought elsewhere. Due to the scarcity and limited number of medals available in the game, some thought should be given into actually purchasing these items. Most notable is the Name-Change Ticket, a unique item that can be used to change the name of equipment.

Rufio's Elements[]

Item Price Available
Fire, Chill, Water, Thunder, Wind, Earth, Light, Holy, Life Element 60 Chapter 2
Flame, Chill, Lightning, Wind Crystal 150
Hunter, Holy, Destruction, Sea Dragon, Protector Crystal 150 Chapter 8
Power Crystal 200

Rufio, once recruited, sells the four elemental crystal types as well as all elements used as crafting materials. Later, in Chapter 8, he will replace the now-inaccessible Starlight Items' range of crystals and sell them himself.

Flavin's Baitshop[]

Item Price Available
Prickly, Mimi, Evy, Carrot, Potato Cake, Minion, Battan, Petite Fish 80 Chapter 2

Fabio, once recruited, solely sells common fishing bait, which he also produces for free. His shops is mistakenly spelled as 'Flavin's Baitshop'.

Corinne's Hairpins[]

Item Price Available
Yellow Ribbon 200 Chapter 2
Stripped Ribbon 220
Zipangu Comb 350
Swallowtail 240

Corinne, once recruited, sells several hair ornaments for Monica.

Rosa's Amulets[]

Item Price Available
Anti-Petrify, Anti-Stop, Anti-Curse, Anti-Goo, Antidote Amulet 50 Chapter 2

Rosa, once recruited, is the sole person who sells amulets, for a relatively low price as well.

Parn's Paints[]

Item Price Available
Paint (Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink) 30 Chapter 2

Parn, once recruited, is the only person to sell all types of paint, commonly used as a crafting material.

Julia's Ringware[]

Item Price Available
Magic Brassard 200 Chapter 2
Gold Brassard 350 Chapter 3
Crystal Brassard 740 Chapter 4
Pocklekul 860 Chapter 5
Indestructible Coin 1,500 Chapter 2

Julia is only available after recruiting Parn, and can be found along with him at the train, and sells a small assortment of armband and ring weapons for Monica. She starts with only one at Chapter 2, but gains an extra item at chapters 3, 4, and 5. She also temporarily sells an Indestructible Coin, up until Donny has been recruited.

Gerald's Guns[]

Item Price Available
Trumpet Gun 300 Chapter 2
Grenade Launcher 500 Chapter 3
Turkey 460 Chapter 4
Magic Gun 560
Wild Cat 900 Chapter 5

Gerald, once recruited, will at first only sell the Trumpet Gun, but gains an additional gun for sale with each progressing chapter, up to the Wild Cat at Chapter 5. He also sells the Turkey club for Spheda.

Claire's Place![]

Item Price Available
Gift Capsule 400 Chapter 2

Claire, once recruited, only sells Gift Capsules, items required for collecting Monster Badges, effectively only serving as a replacement once the Woody Tailor becomes inaccessible.

Dell's Clinic[]

Item Price Available
Mighty Healing 300 Chapter 3

Dell, once recruited, will only sell Mighty Healing, a rare and powerful item that restores all abnormal statuses.

Mena's Apparel[]

Item Price Available
Pumpkin Shorts 200 Chapter 3
Striped Dress 250
Knight Boots 200
Metal Boots 240 Chapter 4
Wing Boots 260 Chapter 5
Spike Boots 260 Chapter 7
Star Leotard 600 Chapter 8

Once recruited, Mena, whose name sometimes is misspelled 'Mina' as an error, sells clothing for Monica, starting with only three items, and gaining more in chapters 4, 5, 7, and 8.

Olivie's Lures[]

Item Price Available
Lure Rod 1,200 Chapter 4
Spinner, Frog, Minnow, Fork 300

Olivie, once recruited, is the sole person who sells lures, as well as the Lure Rod, which is only sold once. It can also be invented or won in a Fishing Contest however.

Jurak Mall[]

Woody Tailor[]

Item Price Available
Pumpkin Shorts 200 Chapter 2
Red Vest, Green Overalls 500
Gift Capsule 400
Himarra Badge 500
Gold Paint 1,000
Dark, Indestructible Coin 1,500

The Woody Tailor is available in Sindain's future, Jurak Mall, after the georama achievement "Elder Jurak revived" has been completed, 30 Culture Points obtained, and Adel moved into a house in Sindain. It mainly sells some items of clothing, but also offers Gift Capsules. Notably this is where the Himarra Badge and Gold Paint can be purchased, but only once, along with the temporarily available Dark and Indestructible Coins, which are removed when Donny has been recruited.

Mushroom Burger Eatery[]

Item Price Available
Flor, Sugar Cane 20 Chapter 2
Bread 30
Heart-Throb Cherry, Gooey Peach, Bomb Nut, Poison Apple, Mellow Banana 60
Tasty Water 80
Mimi, Carrot, Potato Cake, Battan 80
Roasted Chestnut 300

The Mushroom Burger Eatery at Jurak Mall, available after placing Polly in Sindain, and obtaining 40 Culture Points, and completing the georama achievement "Elder Jurak revived". It is a small shop focused on selling various food-related items, some of which also have offensive purposes. It is the only place to sell Roasted Chestnuts and Bomb Nuts, with its other goods overlapping with Adel's Fruits and Fabio's Baitshop.

Jurak Arms[]

Item Price Available
Repair Powder 80—200 Chapter 2
Gun, Armband Repair Powder 160—300
Dryer Gun 160
Long Sword 250
Bell Trigger 400
Bone Rapier 500
Dark Coin 1,500
Kitchen Knife 440 Chapter 4
Frozen Tuna 700
Antique Sword 880 Chapter 5

Jurak Arms is a weapon shop operated in the future at Jurak Mall, available after Milane has been housed in Sindain, 50 Culture Points have been acquired, and the Georama achievements "Elder Jurak revived" and "Elder Jurak's Branch restored" are completed. It focuses on selling a variety of weapons for both characters, but also sells the Dark Coin item up until Donny has been recruited. Notable is the Antique Sword sold in Chapter 5, for it has the innate Stop ability.

Starlight Temple[]

Starlight Items[]

Item Price Available
Repair Powder 80—200 Chapter 3
Antidote Drink 40
Cheese 60
Tasty Water 80
Flame, Chill, Lightning, Wind Crystal, Hunter, Holy, Destruction, Sea Dragon, Protector Crystal 150
Power Crystal 200
Mighty Healing 300
Starglass 300
Star Leotard 600

Starlight Items is an item shop located in Starlight Temple, future Balance Valley, which sells a variety of goods. It is most known for carrying all types of crystals, as well as Mighty Healing and the one-time only Starglass item. It is unlocked after having cured Lin, moving Parn into a house, having placed a Star Lamp on a Brick House, and completion of the "Starlight Temple restored" georama achievement.

Starlight Item Shop (Interior)

Concept art.

Starlight Weapons[]

Item Price Available
Armband Repair Powder 160—300 Chapter 3
Swan 450
Gold Brassard 350
Bandit Brassard 700
Sand Breaker 900
Wise Owl Sword 600 Chapter 4
Platinum Brassard 900 Chapter 5
Moon Armlet 1,800 Chapter 6

Starlight Weapons, also located in Starlight Temple, sells a number of weapons usable by Monica, with the total stock increasing with one extra available weapon in chapters 4, 5 and 6. It also sells the Swan Spheda club. To unlock it you must complete the "Starlight Temple restored" Georama achievement, obtain 30 Culture Points, and house Blinkhorn in Balance Valley.

Starlight Temple Weapon Shop (Interior)

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Gundorada Workshop[]


Item Price Available
Cheese 60 Chapter 5
Tasty Water 80
Repair Powder 80—200
Gun, Armband Repair Powder 160—300

G-Tools is a simple shop in Gundorada Workshop, future Heim Rada, that only sells some of the most commonly used items. To unlock it you must complete the "Gundorada Workshop restored", obtain 70 Culture Points, and place a resident in a house with a chimney.

Gundorada Workshop Item Shop

Concept art.


Item Price Available
Energy Pack (Barrel) 600 Chapter 5
Refrigerator Body 700
Machine Gun Arm 900
Propeller Leg 900
Ridepod Fuel 2,000

G-Parts is also located in Gundorada Worshop, and serves as a future version of Cedric's Parts, offering an alternate selection of Ridepod parts, as well as Ridepod Fuel, in trade for Ridepod EXP. To unlock it you must complete the "Gundorada Workshop restored", obtain 70 Culture Points, and ensure Cedric resides in Heim Rada.

Gundorada Workshop G

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Item Price Available
Repair Powder 80—200 Chapter 5
Gun, Armband Repair Powder 160—300
Dusack 860
Platinum Brassard, Falcon, Question Shooter 900
Cubic Hammer 950
Choora 960
Digi Hammer, Claymore 1,100 Chapter 6

G-Weapons is the final available weapon shop in Dark Chronicle, only accessible in chapters 5, 6 and 7. Aside from all three types of repair powders it sells one ranged weapon for both Max and Monica, the Falcon Spheda club, and two melee weapons for each. The Digi Hammer and Claymore are the highest available weapons for sale. To unlock it you must complete the "Gundorada Workshop restored", obtain 70 Culture Points, and ensure Erik resides in Heim Rada in a house near a windmill.

Gundorada Workshop G

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  1. Increases by 10% per purchase, 21 are available total.