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Trophies are collectibles in the PlayStation 4 version of Dark Chronicle. There are 31 trophies.

Collecting all trophies will unlock the platinum trophy Past, Present, and Future.


Name Requirement Type Image
Weapon Synthesis Synthesize a weapon. Bronze Weapon Synthesis
Tinkering Away Create your first invention. Bronze Tinkering Away
Alternate Alias Use a Name-Change Ticket to change the name of a weapon. Bronze Alternate Alias
Shapeshifter Transform Monica into a monster. Bronze Shapeshifter
Partners in Time Recruit a companion to join your party. Bronze Partners in Time
Birds and the Bees Breed a pair of fish. Bronze Birds and the Bees
Playing with Time Close a time distortion in a game of Spheda. Bronze Playing with Time
Mechanical Upgrades Purchase an upgrade for Steve the Ridepod. Bronze Mechanical Upgrades
Freak Show Escape the circus tent. Bronze Freak Show
To the Outside World Complete Chapter One. Silver To the Outside World
Resurrection of the Great Elder Complete Chapter Two. Silver Resurrection of the Great Elder
The Sage of the Stars Complete Chapter Three. Silver The Sage of the Stars
Good-Bye Shingala Complete Chapter Four. Silver Good-Bye Shingala
Conflict of the Past and Future Complete Chapter Five. Silver Conflict of the Past and Future
When Two Eras Collide Complete Chapter Six. Silver When Two Eras Collide
Palace of Flowers Defeat the Dark Element. Silver Palace of Flowers
Fighting for Fun Defeat 200 enemies without dying. Silver Fighting for Fun
What? Your Monster is Evolving! Evolve a monster into its final form. Silver What? Your Monster is Evolving!
Monster Master Obtain every Monster Transformation Badge. Silver Monster Master
Supporting Cast Recruit all possible companions to join your party. Silver Supporting Cast
Core Strength Acquire Steve the Ridepod's Master Grade Core. Silver Core Strength
A Royal Arsenal Build Up to Monica's Island King and Five-Star Armlet weapons. Silver A Royal Arsenal
LEGENDary Build Up to Max's LEGEND and Supernova weapons. Silver LEGENDary
Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer Reach photography level eight. Silver Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer
Finny Frenzy First Win the Finny Frenzy Master Class. Silver Finny Frenzy First
A Class of its Own Catch a Baron Garayan. Silver A Class of its Own
Medalhead Earn all medals in every chapter. Gold Medalhead
A True Visionary Invent every object. Gold A True Visionary
GeoraManiac Fulfill all requirements for every Georama. Gold GeoraManiac
The Forgotten Adventure Defeat the Dark Genie. Gold The Forgotten Adventure
Past, Present, and Future Collect all other Dark Chronicle trophies. Platinum Past, Present, and Future