Administrators are users with sysop user rights. Bureaucrats also have sysop rights, but can also give and revoke other users' administrative powers.

Sysop rights include deleting pages, protecting pages, reverting edits, and banning users. There are also semi-admins, called rollbackers, which only have reverting rights (though all users have the option to "undo" an edit). For details, see Help:User access levels.

Active bureaucratsEdit

Active administratorsEdit

Adminship requestEdit

For you to become an administrator, someone with bureaucrat access has to make you one. An administrator is one who

  • is trusted with certain technical features of the wiki to help aid in maintenance,
  • can help new users assimilate the nature of the wiki, or help someone with a problem they may have (such as fulfilling block, protection, deletion, or move requests),
  • has shown dedication to improving the wiki through helpful contributions and continual activity.

Note that a promotion to admin status is not a reward for good contributions, but that good contributions is one of the minimum prerequisites for becoming one. Administrators aren't promoted to have more authority over other users, but instead act to reflect community consensus (such as in applying guidelines). Also, not everyone who meets the suggestions (listed below) will automatically become an administrator; admins are appointed on a per-need basis.


As a general guideline, it is suggested that you make sure the following points are met before considering adminship:

  • An edit count of at least 500. These contributions must be made in the article, category, or template namespaces (talk page, file, blog, and forum contributions do not count).
  • Continuous activity here, being a proactive contributor for at least 3 months.

However, it is ultimately up to a bureaucrat. Bureaucrats may decide to provide users with admin rights regardless of whether or not they have met the suggestions above, and may reject user requests regardless of such qualifications as well.

Making the requestEdit

If you have met the suggestions above and want to become an admin, you may start a thread in Forum:Wiki discussion titled "Adminship request - [your username]". In this thread, you should describe why you would like to become an admin and what your major contributions have been so far.

The Dark Cloud Wiki's active bureaucrats and admins will then deliberate

  1. your qualifications, and
  2. whether or not you're needed in the adminship department.

If your qualifications are sufficient and you are acknowledged as an editor who could be of very good administrative help, you will be given admin rights.