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The Underground Water Channel

The Underground Water Channel is the first dungeon in Dark Chronicle. It is one of two dungeons in Palm Brinks and the shortest in the game as well, with only eight floors, two of which are boss floors. It is here where Maximilian goes "To the Outside World" and learns the photography mechanic as well as gains access to the Ridepod from Cedric. He is chased through the channel, which is a massive sewer system, by clowns led by Flotsam who is responsible for both the circus darling Linda elephant boss and the second boss; Halloween.

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Did you know...
    • ... that more high value items can be found in back floors in dungeons in Dark Cloud?
    • ... that the Palm Brinks' town doctor, Dr. Dell, is a giant talking duck?
    • ... that Luna Stones have the mystical ability to rapidly increase human brainpower?
    • ... that the Gallery of Time becomes less deteriorated as you progress through the floors?
    • ... that there are several clown-themed items and enemies in Dark Cloud 2?

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