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Trophies are collectibles in the PlayStation 4 version of Dark Cloud. There are 28 trophies.

Collecting all trophies will unlock the platinum trophy Dungeon Master.


Name Requirement Type Image
Heads up Kill an enemy with a thrown item. Bronze Heads up
Hoarder Check an item in at a Check-in Counter. Bronze Hoarder
Teach a man to fish... Acquire a Fishing Rod. Bronze Teach a man to fish...
Status Breaker Status Break a weapon to create a SynthSphere. Bronze Status Breaker
Call for Backup Use Stand-in Powder to change to an ally when current character is exhausted. Bronze Call for Backup
Call it a hunch Successfully force open a treasure chest by guessing its trap. Bronze Call it a hunch
For the birds Arrange 10 trees in Norune Village. Bronze For the birds
Calculating Kindness View a town’s Georama Analysis after completing one of its residents’ requests. Bronze Calculating Kindness
The God of Beasts Defeat Dran. Silver The God of Beasts
Forest Keeper Defeat Master Utan. Silver Forest Keeper
Ice Queen Defeat La Saia. Silver Ice Queen
Break the Curse Defeat the King's Curse. Silver Break the Curse
A New Champion Defeat Minotaur Joe. Silver A New Champion
Sticky Fingers Steal an enemy's item using a weapon equipped with the Steal ability. Silver Sticky Fingers
Weapon Collector Upgrade a weapon 10 times. Silver Weapon Collector
Even Stronger Build up a weapon into a new weapon. Silver Even Stronger
Solar Power Attach the Sun to a weapon. Bronze Solar Power
Hometown Hero Learn Windmill Slash from Dran. Silver Hometown Hero
Comfort Food Boost a character's defense by eating their favorite food. Silver Comfort Food
The Big One Catch a fish that's over 100 cm in length. Silver The Big One
What's this?! Use the Changing Potion to turn the stray cat into Xiao. Silver What's this?!
Home Sweet Home Completely assemble Renee & Toan's house. Silver Home Sweet Home
A Rare Catch Catch a Baron Garayan fish. Gold A Rare Catch
Tycoon Accumulate 65,535G. Gold Tycoon
Specialized Weapon Max any attribute for a weapon without an attachment. Gold Specialized Weapon
Strength in Numbers Acquire all six allies. Gold Strength in Numbers
Let's go home Defeat the Dark Genie. Gold Let's go home
Dungeon Master Collect all other Dark Cloud trophies. Platinum Dungeon Master