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The Dark Viper is a gun that Maximilian can obtain in Dark Chronicle. This weapon is only built up from the Grenade Launcher, and it has the Absorption Coin ability: you have a chance that you'll recover an amount of health which is determined by the damage caused by your attack. Like the Grenade Launcher, it fires explosives grenades at a low fire rate, but they'll cause more damage against chill-based enemies in general. You can find the Dark Viper in dungeons' chests, you cannot buy this weapon in any shop, but you can invent it.


Attributes Attack Durable Flame Chill Lightning Cyclone Smash Exorcism Beast Scale
Minimum 44 42 45 0 0 45 45 0 30 0
Build up:
Soul Breaker 54 50 68 54 54 41
Twin Buster 91 77 77 86
Maximum 110 72 110 110 110 110 110 110 110 110