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Death Ark

The Death Ark is a battleship that Gaspard and Dr. Jaming used to go 100 years into the past to wreak havoc on the world in Dark Chronicle. The first encounter with it is when Gaspard attempts to destroy the Moon Crystal, and kill the sage Crest. While Maximilian is protecting Lin on the lighthouse, Monica boards the battleship to fight Gaspard. The second encounter is when Dr. Jaming is controlling the Shigura tribe of Veniccio. However, upon his defeat, Gaspard flies off with the battleship on his own.

It is fought for the first time in its third and final encounter on the peak of Mount Gundor, where it flies in and attacks Max and Monica after the destruction of the Fire Squall. Monica once again boards the battleship in an effort to defeat Gaspard, but Gaspard quickly overwhelms her. Max defeats the Death Ark using his Ridepod, and the battleship falls into the mouth of Mount Gundor along with Gaspard and Monica, leaving Max to finish venturing through the dungeon, defeating Gaspard, and rescuing Monica on his own.

Battle Tactics[]

All weapons are completely ineffective against the Death Ark except the Ridepod. Upon beginning the battle, immediately switch to the Ridepod and fire whatever ranged arms you have. The Nova Cannon is best suited to this battle due to its high damage output, but any ranged Ridepod arm will do. By this point, the Ridepod should have fast feet and be able to easily swerve side to side in order to avoid any incoming cannon fire from the Death Ark. Repeatedly attack and move sideways, and this boss fight should be easy.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Death Ark
Habitat Mount Gundor
Type Boss
Hit Points 6500
Attack/Defense 6/30
ABS/Gilda 0/0
Weakness None
Effective Weapons None
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (0%), Sword (0%), Gun (0%), Beam (0%), Grenade (0%), Magic (0%)
Item Inventory None


  • To get the scoop "Flying Battleship", simply take a snapshot of the Death Ark while it is flying. While this scoop is missable, you have three chances to take it. This can be done in Chapter 3 during Max's fight to protect Lin, in Chapter 4 during the battle versus Dr. Jaming, or in Chapter 5 when fighting the Death Ark itself.
  • To get the scoop "Fallen Battleship", simply take a snapshot of the Death Ark where it crashed in the mouth of Mount Gundor.