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Dr. Dell (in the Japanese version his named is Kingaton, with Dr. Duck being his nickname[citation needed]) is a support character Dark Chronicle, and he is needed to progress in the story of Chapter 3. When Max and Monica come across Argo tending a sick girl named Lin, Max gets the idea of recruiting Dr. Dell to help her out. Unfortunately, her illness is beyond the capabilities of medicine, so Lao Chao's miracle dish must make a substitute. He is automatically recruited if Max asks him for help.

Dr. Dell can be found inside the building near the pond in Palm Brinks, after he is recruited, he will be found in the front most passenger car of Blackstone One, just before the engine room. He operates Dell's Clinic, and sells Mighty Healing once recruited. He will also cure all abnormal status effects for free if he is in your party, but only up to three times before he has to recharge his skill points.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the character designer, Jun Sonobe, Dell was originally supposed to be called 'Dr. BlackDuck', and to act like Black Jack, from the Black Jack manga series. However, the developers ended up scrapping the idea as they considered "it wasn’t so great", as well as changing his design.[1]



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