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The Demon Shaft is a dungeon in Dark Cloud that is unlocked after defeating The Dark Genie, and does not exist in the original Japanese version of the game. It consists of 100 floors with the boss on the 100th, and due to its nature as a bonus dungeon, it has no story and does not belong to a town. The item needed to enter the back floors is the Crystal Eyeball. This is also the largest dungeon in the series with 100 floors, with the Zelmite Mine's 38 floors coming in second. Floors 1-20 (Fire Zone) is the only part of the Demon Shaft not to have Mimics or King Mimics.

The monsters in the Demon Shaft come from various other parts of the game, and there are only a few monsters unique to it. They change every 20 floors, except for Gemron, who every 20 floors changes its elemental weakness. This also goes for other monsters, some previously fought in other parts of the game have different weaknesses here.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Floors 1-20 (Fire Zone)[edit | edit source]

Floors 21-40 (Ice Zone)[edit | edit source]

Floors 41-60 (Thunder Zone)[edit | edit source]

Floors 61-80 (Wind Zone)[edit | edit source]

Floors 81-99 (Holy Zone)[edit | edit source]

Floor 100[edit | edit source]

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