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Divine Beast Cave is the first dungeon in Dark Cloud. It is located in Norune Village, and is home to the Divine Beast Dran, the guardian of the village. Xiao is first met here. There are 15 floors in Divine Beast Cave. To advance in the dungeon, a Gate key item called Dran's Crest must be obtained from a randomly defeated enemy on each floor. The locked door key is called the Bone Key. Tram Oil is needed to enter the dungeon's Back floors.


On Floor B4 Toan must defeat three Skeleton Soldiers before his first Duel against a Master Jacket. On Floor B8 Toan meets Seda, who tries to convince him to hand over the Atlamillia so that he can defeat the Dark Genie. However, he is possessed by the Genie and attacks Toan, resulting in a scripted duel, in which Seda beats Toan and nearly kills Xiao, who Toan saves. Seda gives Toan a Changing Potion, then disappears.

Limited Zones[]

  • Floor B7 - Weapon ABS is reduced, and weapons cannot be changed.
  • Floor B11 - Xiao only



Toan's Weapons

Xiao's Weapons - After Floor 8