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The Divine Beast Title is a slingshot weapon used by Xiao in Dark Cloud. It is built up from the Double Impact, Matador or Dragon's Y slingshots. It can be built up to the Angel Shooter. If this weapon possesses Drain at the time it's evolved into Angel Shooter, the innate Heal weapon ability of Angel Shooter is suppressed, however this may cause the weapon to no longer recognize neither Heal or Drain weapon abilities permanently afterwards, losing access to both, even when attached as synth spheres.


Attr. Min. Build-up Attr. Min. Build-up
Divine Beast Title Angel Shooter (Dark Cloud) Divine Beast Title Angel Shooter (Dark Cloud)
Attack (max 60 (140) 99 Anti-Dragon 30
Endurance 70 Anti-Undead 0 40
Speed 80 Anti-Marine 10 20
Magical Power (max 18 (70) 50 Anti-Rock 0 20
Fire 20 Anti-Plant 20
Ice 0 40 Anti-Beast 50
Thunder 0 Anti-Sky 28
Wind 20 40 Anti-Metal 0
Holy 0 Anti-Mimic 0 50
Anti-Mage 0

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