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Donnle is a support character found in Dark Chronicle. He is the son of Morton, Palm Brinks' main merchant and deputy mayor. Donny is easy going and always willing to help Max. He saves him from Flotsam's Halloween at the start of the game. Since he is a Morton's son, he can be a little preoccupied with money, and this shows in his ability to pick locks and chest traps. Donny is a young kid, short and dressed in scruffy clothing. He has long, brown hair that covers his eyes. He also gives Max his first gun for self-defense in the channel just before he leaves for the outside world.

Being the son of a merchant he likes to collect coins. Unfortunately, he is lacking two that he needs in order to complete his collection. If Max can find him a Dark Coin and an Indestructible Coin, both purchasable in Jurak Mall, he'll gladly help out. Note that after recruitment these items will not be sold at these shops anymore.

In Chapter 1, he will serve as the first shop available with his Donny Mart: he'll be open until you reach the boss fight with Linda the elephant. Once you are able to recruit characters, his shop will be open again for use. His party abilities include being able to open locked doors and treasure chests, and he also assigns scoops and sells a few commonly used items like powders and the rare Treasure Chest Key.

Donny needs to move to Veniccio for georama quest.