Dr. Nobb

Dr. Nobb

Dr. Nobb is the highest ranking researcher at the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories, despite the fact that he is only a child. Though the Luna Lab uses Luna Stones to increase brain function, it is raw ability that determines who is in charge there, regardless of age, species or gender.

Personality Edit

Dr. Nobb is a cheerful and good person, and he is ready to help people whenever they need it.

Based on the fact that Donny and Claire are moved to Veniccio, it is possible that he is their descendant. His blonde hair resembles Claire's, and his short stature and hidden eyes resemble Donny.

In-Game role Edit

Dr. Nobb gives Max and Monica the Shell Talkie, as well as introducing them to Dr. Jaming, grandson of the villain Dr. Jaming , who helps design the Ixion. He also creates the Nova Cannon that is awarded to the player at the end of Chapter Four.