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The Dragon is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle. It makes its debut in the Starlight Canyon's 13th floor; Dragon Slayer, and is a well-built bipedal reptile. It has sharp claws and horns as well as wings that don't accommodate its size, although they are never actually used by any of the dragons seen in-game. There's more varieties for this type of dragon, the first one encountered has a purple-colored hide and lacks an elemental affinity. The Red Dragon has, as its name implies, a red color, the Earth Dragon is colored light brown, and the Tiamat is nearly entirely white. The Black Dragon is a boss variation of the Dragon, appearing in the Moon Flower Palace boss floor, the Spiral of Dreams.

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Battle Tactics[]

This dragon can cause some trouble if not fought correctly. The Dragon is a slow, but powerful monster, with attacks that can cause abnormal statuses to your character. At range, it can attack you with fireballs, this attack will deal damage and cause thirst to your character, even when blocking. Either move in close to the dragon or evade its attacks and fight from a range.

If the player moves close enough to a dragon it will use a melee attack. Using its claws, it will quickly swipe at you. This attack is executed fast, does a lot of damage, and can cause the status 'stop' on the player. However, on the good side this attack can be blocked safely but still has a chance to deal stop to the player. To defeat the Dragon, the Ridepod is the best choice, equipped with a long range weapon.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Dragon Red Dragon Earth Dragon Tiamat
Habitat Starlight Canyon Mount Gundor Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Reptile Family Reptile Family Reptile Family Reptile Family
Hit Points 350 900 2500 11400
Attack/Defense 33/25 60/49 120/75 117/130
ABS/Gilda 50/68 118/132 300/112 600/83
Weakness Smash (250%), Scale (250%) Chill (200%), Smash (250)%, Scale (250%) Cyclone (200%), Scale (250%) Smash (250)%, Scale (250%)
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (80%), Sword (80%), Gun (50%), Grenade (50%) Wrench (80%), Sword (80%), Gun (50%), Grenade (50%) Wrench (80%), Sword (80%), Gun (50%), Grenade (50%) Wrench (80%), Sword (80%), Gun (50%), Grenade (50%)
Item Inventory Escape Powder, Sea Dragon Crystal, Wind Element Escape Powder, Sea Dragon Crystal, Super Hot Pepper Escape Powder, Sea Dragon Crystal, Super Hot Pepper Escape Powder, Sea Dragon Crystal


  • This monster can give you the scoop "Burning Dragon Fire". To obtain it, photograph the Dragon when it shoots a fireball at you.

Variation Gallery[]