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Dragon DC1

Dragon, as seen in Dark Cloud.

The Dragon is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud, it makes its debut in the Divine Beast Cave. It is a quadrupedal dragon with an impressive height (towering over all the playable characters) and width but doesn't really make up for it in terms of length. There are three different varieties, the first of which has a brown color, the second dark blue and the last one almost entirely black.

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Battle Tactics[]

This dragon is a slow-moving beast that can shoot fireballs from a distance. Before approaching it, make sure your weapon's WHP isn't low, because the Dragon's high HP and defense can mean punishment to your weapon. The best way to fight it is to strafe toward him while avoiding his fireballs, and attack from either his side or back. Or you can rush in and attack then move behind them to dodge their next attack if they don't go down. It is also good use projectile weapons, since the Dragon rarely guards itself. Just circle around it to avoid its long range attack, then blast it with a projectile weapon while they are recharging for another attack. The Dragon's variations have a different set of elemental attacks and weaknesses. Watch out for the Black Dragon's unholy breath, as it can deal loads of damage and freeze your character, leaving you vulnerable.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Dragon Blue Dragon Black Dragon
Habitat Divine Beast Cave Sun and Moon Temple Gallery of Time
Type Dragon Dragon Dragon
Hit Points 90 600 900
ABS 5 12 20
Defend Yes Yes Yes
Weakness Ice Fire Holy
Steal Inferno Gem Blizzard Gem Mighty Healing

Variation Gallery[]