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Dran is the protector of Norune Village, and the God of Beasts. When Toan was sent to the Divine Beast Cave by the Mayor, he sought help from Dran. However, after traversing the cave, Toan finds that Dran has been possessed by the Dark Genie and that he will have to fight Dran.

With the help of his new friend Xiao, Toan defeats Dran, who is then freed from the Dark Genie's control and flew Toan back outside. He then gives Toan a magical World Map which allows him to teleport to places he has been before, and if the town's request rating is 100%, he teaches Toan the Windmill Slash, Toan's second charge move.

Later in the game, Dran makes another appearance when he saves the crew of the Sun Giant after it is destroyed by the Dark Genie. He drops the pilots off onto a cloud and takes Toan and Osmond to the Dark Heaven Castle.


Dran has 250 HP. Begin by attacking Dran while he is in the air, with Xiao. Dran will slowly drop to the ground while flashing red. When he is fully settled on the ground, use Toan to attack either leg (this will keep you from being swiped at), then run away and repeat. Dran's Feather, and Stamina Drink can be used on Toan to help end the fight quicker.

If you miss some of your attacks with Xiao, or are too slow, Dran will shoot a fireball your way and can destroy the ground beneath you. Falling in a pit will not cause instant death, but will cause damage. Attacking from the outer rim can prevent falling in a pit.