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Dune is a monster in Dark Cloud. It is first encountered in the Sun & Moon Temple. Its body is made entirely of sand, and it moves around in a liquid-like fashion. Another variation, Vulcan, is a large mass of molten lava.

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Dune has only one attack, in which its left hand will disappear and a spike of sand will appear underneath to stab the player. It can also form a huge shield of sand to block any attack, which makes using projectile weapons rather difficult. Attacking it at close range is risky, since it will thrust a sand spike as soon as you start attacking, so hit and run tactics will work much better than staying in. Goro is particularly good at doing this, so it is best to stay a fair distance from the Dune, and attack momentarily before stepping back. Toan can also use his Jump Slash to avoid damage.

Vulcan behaves in the same manner as the Dune. It is completely immune to Fire attacks, but weak to Ice.

Monster Notes[]

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Dark Cloud Dune Vulcan Vulcan
Habitat Sun & Moon Temple Moon Sea Demon Shaft
Fire Zone
Type Stone Stone Stone
Hit Points 525 480 2400
ABS 10 12 15
Defend Yes Yes Yes
Weakness Wind Ice Ice
Drops Stone Fire Stone
Steal Stone Fire Fire