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The Elfas is a monster in Dark Chronicle. It is first encountered in Starlight Canyon on Floor 2. The Elfas is the first monster in Starlight Canyon to be considered a Ridepod-based opponent.

The Elfas has two boss variations. The first is Linda, fought in the Underground Channel Pump Room. Unlike most other monsters' boss variations, the Elfas is fought by the player later in the game after defeating its first boss variation. The second is the Mammo, fought as the first boss in the Spiral of Dreams.

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Battle Tactics[]

This monster is completely identical to Linda, Flotsam's circus elephant, the only difference being its stats and weapon effectiveness. It has the same attacks, so it'll either use a foot stomp shockwave, or a two-step horizontal trunk swing. Both attacks pierce defense, but are slow to execute, and do not inflict overwhelming damage even when not guarding.

There are two main tactics to defeat the Elfas. The easiest is to use the Ridepod, preferably with the Barrel Cannon arm. A more rewarding tactic is to use Monica, with a Sword boasting a high Beast or Chill stat (or both to be on the safe side), and a little bit of bravery. The Elfas is big and intimidating, but with good reflexes you can eliminate many without troubles. As they increase in numbers, especially on Floor 5, you may have to do so.

Because it is so slow, and its incredibly slow stomp is its only attack with any type of dangerous area, its back and sides are easy openings. Erik's Improved Bombs or Adel's Poison Apples can destroy these enemies on Item only stages. However, it is imperative that you refrain the use of expensive throwables on this monster - they are too numerous and unimportant compared to use on Golems in the same area of Starlight Canyon.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Elfas Moonflowephant Behemoth
Habitat Starlight Canyon Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine
Type Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 360 1500 6500
Attack/Defense 26/15 105/70 147/95
ABS/Gilda 30/22 196/112 300/130
Weakness Chill (150%), Beast (200%) Chill (150%), Beast (200%) Chill (150%), Beast (200%)
Effective Weapons None None None
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (50%), Gun (25%), Beam (25%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Gun (25%), Beam (25%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Gun (25%), Beam (25%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Evy, Power Crystal, Water Element Power Crystal, Water Element Power Crystal, Water Element

Variation Gallery[]