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Erik is a support character in Dark Chronicle. He appears to be Borneo's assistant and a member of Blackstone One's crew. When the train gets held up by blockages on the tracks, he and Borneo work to clear the way. Erik is a young man with dark skin and red eyes, he wears a headband, goggles on his forehead, a singlet and heavy chain bracelets around his wrists. He is a generally happy, with a penchant for explosives and machinery. At one point he refers to Monica as "little girly pie", but this doesn't cause any consternation on her part.

Erik will be found in the second front most passenger car of Blackstone One starting in Chapter 5. At this point he may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas. He only sells gunpowder, as part of his own shop 'Erik's Gunpowder'. His more notable ability is his skill to produce Improved Bombs for free, of which he can make six total before he has to recharge his skill points.

Erik needs to move to Heim Rada for georama quest.