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The Evil Flame is a monster that is encountered in Dark Chronicle. This monster only appears in the third chapter of the game, on the Lighthouse, alongside where you fight Gaspard for the first time with Monica. When you take the control of Max, they'll spawn from the sides of the lighthouse, slowly but surely approaching Lin, trying to kill her, and Max must protect her.

Battle Tactics[]

They are easily killed with your wrenches or more efficiently with the Ridepod equipped with a Barrel Cannon; one hit with the Barrel Cannon will kill an Evil Flame. However, if you try to shoot at Evil Flames before they actually hit the ground, the hit may register as "No Effect" and the Evil Flame won't be killed; just fire a second shot to make sure you've killed it, by hearing the sound made when any enemy is killed. They have no method of attacking you, but you will reach a "Game Over" screen if Lin is killed by the flames, so make sure to constantly circle around Lin and be on the lookout.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Evil Flame
Habitat Starlight Canyon
Type Spirit
Hit Points 40
Attack/Defense 2/0
ABS/Gilda 0/0
Weakness None
Effective Weapons None
Ineffective Weapons None
Item Inventory None