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Fabio is a support character found in Dark Chronicle. He is an accomplished fisherman, and as such he only has respect for those who can match his prowess in wielding a fishing pole. He can be found on the pier by the Palm Brinks pond.

After speaking with Fabio and hearing his challenge, the player must catch a 61+ cm Nonky. These can be caught in several locations, including the town lake, as well as Fish Monster Swamp. Players having trouble finding or catching a proper fish will likely need to enhance their Fishing Rod by gaining FP through catching any fish, and then upgrading the pole via the inventory screen. After recruiting Fabio, he may be found in the third front most (back) passenger car of Blackstone One. At this point he may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas.

He runs Flavin's Baitshop, which appears to be named after his Japanese equivalent, and sells numerous types of common fishing bait. His party skill is to produce bait for free, in groups of three each, of one random type.