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The Fake Genie is the initial villain of Dark Cloud, and as the name suggests, isn't the real Genie that Flagg hoped to release. It also makes an appearance in Dark Chronicle as the final boss of the Zelmite Mine.

Dark Cloud[]

The Fake Genie is the rotund being that comes from the urn after the seal is broken, but in actuality is a mere mouse that was in the urn and absorbed some of the real genie's power as a result. Once summoned, it eats Flagg's assistant to satiate its 400-year hunger before going on to destroy towns across The West. When Flagg tells it that he is its master, it doesn't seem to care in the slightest, and it is almost as if it only listens to him so it can destroy things.

It is later destroyed by the rebuilt Sun Giant, something that probably wouldn't have harmed the Real Genie. Due to its weak rat body, it was easily destroyed by the Sun Giant's cannon. The Real Genie then went on to possess Flagg, but given his weak body it promptly abandoned it's newfound vessel and fled to the inner reaches of Dark Heaven Castle, but even then its power was great. To be truly destroyed, Toan had to travel through time and destroy it before it could be completely born, thereby preventing the calamity it would bring from ever happening.

Dark Chronicle[]

The Fake Genie appears as the final boss of the Zelmite Mines. Although it has the same appearance as its Dark Cloud counterpart, it is likely to be the remains of the Dark Genie, given the events of the previous game. Although the Dark Genie, the embodiment of darkness that claimed it could never truly be defeated in the first game, it bears the appearance of the Fake Genie and not its real form. But remains or not, it is perhaps the hardest boss in the game, with the ability to summon Mini Dark Genies. It also has little bearing on the story, except that it was the one that created the curse that became the Dark Element, and one would have to wonder why it chose to hide out in the depths of the mines. There is one possibility, however. If the theory regarding the mines and Divine Beast Cave is correct, the Genie may have ended up there due to its connection to Toan. But until more information is found in Dark Cloud 3, its origins and real identity remain rooted in the realm of conjecture.

  • HP: 20000
  • Attack: 145
  • Defense: 20
  • Monster Class: Boss
  • ABS: 0
  • Gilda: 0
  • Dropped Items: Nothing