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The Finny Frenzy is a periodic event in Dark Chronicle. It becomes available after entering the "Return of the Serpent" floor in Ocean's Roar Cave, and is located in the Palm Brinks town square. The Finny Frenzy occurs every ten in-game days (alternating with the Fishing Contest).

The Finny Frenzy is a fish racing competition, in which players race fish to win prizes. How well a fish does in the race is determined by its stats. Stats are increased in the Rec Tank, Battle Tank, and Breeding Tank of the Aquarium. Winning the Finny Frenzy is needed to fulfill Olivie's request before she can be recruited.

The "Extras" section of the game's title screen will become available, giving access to the "Free Race" option where fish can be raced across games using passwords.

Finny Frenzy[]

In each Finny Frenzy tournament, there are three races. Once a fish wins a prize, though, you can't use it in any other race in that same tournament. Talk to the Owl (A.K.A: Race Master) to enter the races, then pick the fish you want to race. You have to have your fish in the "Rec Tank" in order to put them in a race.

Once you've picked your fish, you choose the class you want them to take part in. From Beginner to Master, try to choose the class most appropriate to your fish's level. Once a fish wins in one class, though, it can only participate in the next higher class after that. Once a fish wins the highest Master class you can enter it as many times as you want in that class.

Next, you choose the tank to put your fish in for the final, pre-race preparations. The water in each tank is slightly different, and will have an effect on the fish's performance. When your pre-race preparations are done, it's time to race. The races go from the 1st Heat, to the 2nd Heat, to the Finals. In order to win a prize, your fish has to be 1st in the 1st Heat, 2nd or better in the 2nd Heat, and 3rd or better in the Finals.


Class Fish Stats
Beginner 20+
Junior 40+
Senior 60+
Master 80+

A class must be chosen before each Stage of the tournament. Class relates to a fish's general level of performance (determined by its stats). The "Fish Stats" column is the suggested Speed stats (Boost, Stamina, Endurance) needed to competitively race against other fish in that class.

Pre-race preparation tanks[]

A pre-race preparation tank must be chosen before each Heat of the race.

Name Description Notes
1st Tank Keep A Steady Pace Steady pace during entire race.
2nd Tank With All Your Might Fast as possible during entire race (until fish becomes tired).
3rd Tank Come Out Fighting Fast during first half, steady pace during last half.
4th Tank The Last Shall Be First Steady pace during first half, fast during last half.
5th Tank Settle It In The Ring Bump other fish to slow them down (dependent on Strength and Tenacity).
6th Tank Go With The Middle Fish will usually place 2nd or 3rd.


Prizes are awarded after each Stage of the tournament. They are listed below in the order obtained. For example, placing 1st in the Beginner class awards the Mardan Sword; placing 1st again will award three Gold Bar, but placing 2nd would award Level Up Powder.

Class 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Beginner Mardan Sword
Gold Bar (x3)
Plum Rice Ball
Destruction Crystal
Level Up Powder
Premium Chicken
Protector Crystal
Plum Rice Ball
Junior Garayan Sword
Sea Dragon Crystal (x5)
Mighty Healing
Seal-Breaking Scroll
Lightning Crystal
Chill Crystal (x2)
Senior Mardan Garayan
Power Crystal (x10)
Drain Seeker
Wealth Coin
Bandit Coin
Kitchen Knife
Lightspeed (x4)
Bull's-Eye Coin
Master Sun Stone
Final Bomb (x2)
Moon Stone
Wealth Coin
Ridepod Fuel (x2)
Lightspeed (x4)
Seal-Breaking Scroll (x3)