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Conda, leader of the Firbits

The Firbit are a race of small forest dwelling people in Dark Chronicle. They are of a small stature, typically the waist-height when compared to other characters. They have large ears with multiple points on the end of them. Most of them can be found in the area of Sindain, and they are extremely fond of Grape Juice.

In the sixth Georama tutorial video one of the Georama parts is a building listed as "Dwarves' House". They are also referred to as dwarves by various villagers in Palm Brinks such as Tedea and Kiev.[citation needed]


  • Conda - Leader and oldest Firbit in Sindain during Max's time. He agrees to help Max and Monica on their quest and aids them with the use of the Carpenterion.
  • Olivie - The only female Firbit around in Max's time. She is the only place you can buy lures in the game and can only be recruited by winning at Finny Frenzy.
  • Fabio - Fabio is the small Firbit boy found wandering around Palm Brinks Lake. Once recruited he will sell you fishing bait.
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