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The Fishing Contest is a periodic event in Dark Chronicle. It becomes unlocked towards the end of Chapter 3. It is located in Palm Brinks town square, and occurs every 10 in-game days (alternating with Finny Frenzy after it is unlocked).

In each contest you can weigh up to 10 fish, and if you weigh 3 or more you get to Total Up. If you enter the contest with fish you've already weighed and select Total Up, your final score will be the combined weight of your best 3 fish. Just so you know, you can only enter a fish from the wild. You can't have a fish weighed that you've been feeding up yourself.

Up to 10 fish can be handed in to the Owl, a.k.a. MC, to be weighed (submitted fish are permanently removed from the inventory). The weight of the three heaviest fish is added together for a total score, and compared with other contestants (NPCs) for prizes. Fish that have been raised or bred in an Aquarium can not be submitted for weigh-in. In other words, if the weight of a fish displays a number, rather than "????", it cannot be entered.

Generally, each Fishing Contest becomes more difficult, as the NPC contestants will submit heavier fish each time. To win the Lure Rod requires a total weight of approximately 15500k (roughly 1000 more points are needed each time). For example, winning Emerald (5th win) requires approximately 19500k to win.

The best fish to enter in the contest are Baron Garayan, Mardan Garayan, Umadakara, and Kaji. The Lure Rod can make the Fishing Contest trivial (after leveling it up a bit), as Kaji weighing up to 10k can be caught in Veniccio with the minnow lure.


Prizes are listed below in the order obtained. For example, placing 1st awards the Lure Rod; placing 1st again will award the Flamingo, but placing 2nd would award Hunter Crystals.

Note: The following information is not completely accurate.

1st place[]

  1. Lure Rod
  2. Flamingo
  3. Resurrection Powder (x3)
  4. Moon Stone
  5. Emerald
  6. Diamond
  7. Dark Coin
  8. Sun Stone
  9. Poison Coin
  10. Missile Pod Arm II

2nd place[]

  1. Wind Crystal (3)
  2. Hunter Crystal (3)
  3. Escape Powder (x?)
  4. Improved Bomb (x4)
  5. Silver Ball (x10)
  6. Power Crystal (x5)
  7. Experience Coin
  8. Sapphire
  9. Bull's-Eye Coin
  10. Moon Stone

3rd place[]

The following rewards are randomized:

  1. Holy Crystal (x5)
  2. Destruction Crystal (x5)
  3. Hunk of Copper (x?)
  4. Bomb (x2)
  5. Garnet
  6. Peridot
  7. Sapphire
  8. Diamond