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The Five-Star Armlet is an armband weapon used by Monica Raybrandt in Dark Chronicle. This armlet is either built up from the Satan Brassard or from the Star Armlet.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

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Stats[edit | edit source]

Starting stats[edit | edit source]

Weapon Hit Points 100 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 150 Durable 89
Flame 100 Chill 100
Lightning 100 Cyclone 100
Smash 150 Exorcism 150
Beast 150 Scale 150

Maximum stats[edit | edit source]

Attack 500 Durable 99
Flame 300 Chill 300
Lightning 300 Cyclone 300
Smash 250 Exorcism 250
Beast 250 Scale 250
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