Five-Star Armlet

The Five-Star Armlet

The Five-Star Armlet is one of Monica Raybrandt's ultimate armlets in Dark Cloud 2, along with the Love. This armlet is either built up from the Satan Brassard or from the Star Armlet and doesn't come with any special ability.

Its in-game description reads "Made in the shape of the ancient royal house' crest."

The Five-Star Armlet is one of the two ultimates armbands avialable for Monica, the other being the Love, so it has very high stats and it is also an armlet that comes with balanced stats : it doesn't have any elementals stats at 0, so it can defeat any enemy very easily. And as you don't have to worry about the speed factor with the armbands, it can handle a large amount of enemies with no trouble.

You'll obtain this weapon most of the time with the buildup system and it cannot be invented or bought in any weapons shops.

The Five-Star Armlet a high-tier weapon (Tier 9) : it'll gain 6 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.

The Five-Star Armlet and the Love are Tier 9 Weapons and their max stats are nearly identical. The Five-Star Armlet is better, in fact, the Five-Star Armlet has the highest max stats of all the weapons. Combined with the "Dark" and "Absorb" ability, Monica will be able to deal a giant amount of damage, and thus every magic projectile which is thrown from this armband will be usually a one-hit kill.

Build upEdit

The Five-Star Armlet is an ultimate armlet and therefore it cannot be built up anymore.


Starting statsEdit

Weapon Hit Points 100 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 150 Durable 89
Flame 100 Chill 100
Lightning 100 Cyclone 100
Smash 150 Exorcism 150
Beast 150 Scale 150

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 500 Durable 99
Flame 300 Chill 300
Lightning 300 Cyclone 300
Smash 250 Exorcism 250
Beast 250 Scale 250


  • This weapon is notable for having the highest stats in the game.