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Gaja Twins

Gaja Ein and Gaja Zwei[a] are a team of two bosses that appear in Dark Chronicle, encountered in the fifth stage of the Moon Flower Palace's Spiral of Dreams. They are the boss variations of the Bone Lord.

Battle Tactics[]

See Bone Lord

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Gaja Ein Gaja Zwei
Habitat Moon Flower Palace
Spiral of Dreams
Moon Flower Palace
Spiral of Dreams
Type Boss Boss
Hit Points 4000 4000
Attack/Defense 115/85 122/85
ABS/Gilda 0/0 0/0
Weakness Flame (200%)
Exorcism (200%)
Chill (200%)
Exorcism (200%)
Effective Weapons Magic (150%) Magic (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%) Gun (50%)
Item Inventory None None


  1. Ein(s) and Zwei is German for One and Two, respectively.