The Gallery of Time is the final Dungeon in Dark Cloud. It is accessed from within Dark Heaven Castle.

Dungeon floors travel progressively back through time, to the events of 400 years ago, where Toan has a chance to stop the Dark Genie from ever being born. There are 25 floors in the dungeon. The Gate Key item is called Clock Hands. The locked door key item is the Pitchdark Key. Back floors are unavailable in the English release of the game, as the Flapping Duster item was not added. Access to the final boss becomes available after completing all the Dark Heaven Castle Georama events.

Limited ZonesEdit

Limited zones are random, except for individual character limited zones.
  • 300 Years Ago - Xiao only
  • 310 Years Ago - Goro only
  • 322 Years Ago - Ruby only
  • 340 Years Ago - Ungaga only
  • 356 Years Ago - Osmond only


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