Gerald (Zilard in Japanese) is Max's father, he is a rich man who lives in the Mansion in Palm Brinks. He can be added to the party as a support character.

His in-game description reads : "Max's father. Expert marksman."

Recruitment Edit

First, Max must speak with Gerald during Chapter 2. He can be found inside the ground floor room to the right in the foyer at Max's house, which is across the drawbridge in Palm Brinks. Gerald will give Max a Trumpet Gun and challenges him to build it up twice into a Bell Trigger, which can be acquired multiple ways.

Inventing the Bell Trigger Edit

Note: Inventing this item is perhaps the fastest way to obtain a Trumpet Gun:

Invention Ideas Materials Total cost Available Type
Bell Trigger Fountain
Wind Element x2
Silver Ball x2
Scrap of Metal x10
620 gilda Chapter 1 Weapon (Gun)

Building-up the Trumpet Gun Edit

The Trumpet Gun may be built into a Bell Trigger following stats:

After building up your Trumpet Gun into a Bell Trigger, speaking with Gerald again will cause him to join the party and be found on then be found on Blackstone One.

Purchasing a Bell Trigger Edit

This gun becomes available to purchase for 400 Gilda from the Jurak Mall at sometime in Chapter 3.

Post-recruitment Edit

After recruiting Gerald, he may be found in the second front most passenger car of Blackstone One. At this point he may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas.


When in the party, he'll give the following abilities :

  • Gives 1 extra Synthesis Point (SP) per level-up Max's Guns
  • Gives 1 point to a random elemental stat for Max's Guns per level-up

Gerald's GunsEdit


"More respectable place to live" Will only live in a brick house with iron fences and iron gate surrounding it.

You must build up a Trumpet Gun into a Bell Trigger in order to get him to come along with you.