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Gerald is Maximilian's father, he is a rich man who lives in the Mansion in Palm Brinks. He can be added to the party as a support character. First, Max must speak with Gerald during Chapter 2. He can be found inside the ground floor room to the right in the foyer at Max's house, which is across the drawbridge in Palm Brinks. Gerald will give Max a Trumpet Gun and challenges him to build it up once into a Bell Trigger, however the Bell Trigger can be obtained in other ways.

After recruiting Gerald, he may be found in the second front most passenger car of Blackstone One. At this point he may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas. He will only live in a house that has at least 20 Culture Points. His party ability is to add one extra SP and random elemental attribute on level-up for Maximilian's ranged weapons. His personal shop, Gerald's Guns, also lets you purchase several types of ranged weapons for Max, as well as the Turkey Spheda club.

Sometime in the past, Gerald had been the owner of the Earth Stone, the red Atlamillia. As a result, he was seen as a potential target for Emperor Griffon, so the resistance in the future sent Elena back to protect him. When the Atlamillia soon deemed Gerald no longer worthy of protecting it, Elena remained with him, resulting in the two of them falling in love, marrying, and Elena later giving birth to Max. However, after raising him for the first five years of his life, Elena was summoned back to the future to assist in the rebellion against Griffon, and with a heavy heart, said her goodbyes to Max and Gerald before returning to the future. Gerald decided to keep the truth of Elena's departure from Max a secret for the next several years, simply saying she was busy with work far away from Palm Brinks. However, his continued attempts to hide the truth from Max began to grind on Max's nerves, and during one dinner session, when Gerald again ignored Max's questions about Elena and only told half-truths, Max snapped and stormed out of the dining room in anger and frustration, to the shock of their maid and butler, Adel and Stewart. Nevertheless, Gerald knew he wanted Max to find the truth for himself, knowing that doing so would help Elena and her rebels in the future. When Max became the new guardian of the Earth Stone, Gerald gave him a strict warning to never take it off, knowing of the power it held should Griffon get his hands on it.

Gerald needs to move to Heim Rada for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the character designer, Jun Sonobe, Gerald's curly hair is based on early designs for Max, who was originally supposed to have the same hairstyle. [1]



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