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The Ghost is a monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Divine Beast Cave. They are known to disappear and reappear at random times, and fire shadowy orbs at the player. Its later variant, the Lich, instead has a green robe and horned knight helm, and fires a white orb instead of a shadowy one.

For quotes, see Steve's Quotes.

Battle Tactics[]

The Ghost has two main attacks, the first of which is a very slow moving shadowy ball that poisons you. The Ghost takes time to levitate in the air when preparing this attack, so it's incredibly easy to avoid. The second attack is a close-range poison claw attack, which is rarely used. At times, the Ghost will glow green, blink, disappear, then shortly reappear. This is a very easy monster to defeat, simply lock on as soon as you see him, slash a few times, and he won't even get a chance to attack you. Its later variant, the Lich, uses its poison claw attack much more often than the Ghost, so take caution when attacking it at close range. Use projectile and charged attacks more often in order to avoid getting poisoned.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Ghost Lich
Habitat Divine Beast Cave Gallery of Time, Demon Shaft Holy Zone
Type Mage Mage
Hit Points 15 300
ABS 3 12
Defend No No
Weakness None Holy
Steal Antidote Amulet Revival Powder


  • The Ghost's variation Lich doesn't appear in Dark Cloud 2, but it is referenced by a Leogriff as one of its monster quotes.[1]

Variation Gallery[]


  1. "I had a weird feeling the other day. I turned around, and a Lich was standing there."