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Gilda is the form of currency in the Dark Cloud game series. Individually, they resemble gold coins. Although it is typically collected from monsters, Gilda can be earned through the selling of items or through story-related events.

Dark Cloud[]

After combat and while ABS is applied, a fallen non-boss enemy may drop a small amount of Gilda. Under normal circumstances, it is not guaranteed that the player may be given any amount Gilda. Some monsters, like the various forms of Smiling Fairy in Wise Owl Forest, are able to steal Gilda when coming into contact. When the perpetrator is defeated, the amount stolen will drop to the dungeon floor.

If the enemy is defeated with a weapon's attached ability Big Bucks, the amount earned is increased. Likewise, it decreases if the attached ability is Poor.

In appearance, Gilda appears as a brown small, tied burlap sack when dropped.

Gilda Tycoon[]

The maximum amount of Gildas that can be held in Dark Cloud is 65,536. On the PlayStation 4 re-release, the trophy "Tycoon" will be awarded to the player upon reaching the maximum.

Dark Chronicle[]

Gilda is awarded after the defeat of a non-boss enemy along with any ABS.

Having Mayor Need in the party or defeating an enemy with a weapon that has the ability Wealth can increase the gain of Gilda by 30%. These two effects can stack. Contrarily, Poverty will decrease this gain by 30%.

Unlike Dark Cloud, Gilda is almost always guaranteed and drops as both the burlap sack and individual "coins" (the majority of the reward being in the burlap sack).


The maximum amount of Gildas that can be held in Dark Chronicle is 999,999.

Stewart refers to them incorrectly as Gilders when asking Maximilian for funds when participating in an auction.